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the colors are screwing with my mind! i like it, it just looks like a damn easter egg.
I actually liked Geldoff. o_O

I really hope that Magician is an interesting enough character have on the team. I don't support the idea of having an original character becoming a mainstay so fast but we'll have to see where his character is taken... I have the feeling he won't be around for too long.
Re: Preview of Ultimate X-Men #69

Ice said:
If the Magician has short red hair, and "supposedly" he's in USM, but there it's long blonde hair (like Angels), someone got something wrong somewhere (and I dont mean DIrishB).

Well, his hair was long in UXM #66, so I'd chalk it up to the artists' different interpretations. Notable, Angel is shown here, so at least Kirkman's keeping tabs on him.

Victor Von Doom said: we know if all this is taking place prior to Hulk Vs Wolverine? Perhaps this is "the call". :?

Very possible.

Random said:
I recall in Magnetic North, Logan forcing Fury to do something about a misssion he did for him, but who knows.

In that case, Logan was referring to the teenage mutant he had to kill in the New Mutants arc...I think it was #40 or 41, but it was definitly in that arc.

cmdrjanjalani said:
I believe it was Angel visiting the X-Men in USM, he and the Magician is starting to look less and less alike.

Its possible, but the fact that he didn't have any wings and red hair made it clear to me it was Magician.

Looks like this takes place before UW vs. H. Logan is even wearing the same outfit, and they'll be less focus on him for the next arc.

We'll see.

Goodwill said:
It's entirely possible. I do remember seeing a picture where the Magician escaped from Fury by blowing up in his face, but who knows? Perhaps he's there to start trouble between SHIELD and the X-Men.

Thats in the next issue, UXM #68, so I doubt it.

The art looks really good in my opinion. Kind of reminiscent of Immonen and the artist who did the Syndicate issue combined. I like that.

I was thinking the same thing.

the watcher said:
Ya, but I think he was talking about what happened in the New Mutants arc. When Wolverine had to kill that kid in the cave. I think Fury really sent him to do that not Xaiver, or maybe it was both. You know like in Ultimate Spider-Man in the Hollywood arc near the end. Fury says: "It's difficult to know exactly what will keep this country safe in the long run." I think Fury sent Wolverine, to kill that kid to keep every thing in check.

You got it.

Goodwill said:
Hey, here are a few things to keep track of... Xavier is walking in a few of the panels. Either he's capable of walking again or the Magician has the ability to walk on the atral plane alongside Jean and the Professor.

Jean pulls Scott into the astral plane all the time (remember "Corsair"?), so I'm pretty sure its that. I doubt he's suddenly able to walk again.

And also, could those two people be the Magician's parents?

Most likely.

UltimateSpiderBuggy said:
Are you thinking of Geldoff? The guy who made stuff explode (especially cars and the X-Wing).

No, the Magician. He was just introduced in UXM #66.
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