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Disney Picks Up Pet Robots
Source: Variety
July 31, 2007

Disney has picked up feature rights to the graphic novel Pet Robots and set it up with Chris Bender and JC Spink through their Benderspink production company, reports Variety.

Benderspink's Jake Weiner will executive produce and Jon Silk will co-produce the high-tech comedy about futuristic robots that fall into the hands of the least likely people.

The Pet Robots graphic novel, written and created by Scott Christian Sava, is being published by Sava's Blue Dream Studios. Sava has worked on such titles as Spider-Man, Casper, Alien vs. Predator and X-Men in his career as an illustrator, comic book artist, animator and video game designer.

I have no idea what Pet Robots is but I'm interested sounds like Pokemon but with robots

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Is mole for real?

Interested in Pet Robots?

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Hey it's based on comic it said and is done by disney two things people on here love. It sounded like pokemon or digimon to me so I though "oooohhh this could be fun"

:lol: No , No one wants that.

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this is a picture of the comic

since there seems little to no information on it anywhere I looked. I wonder if cartoon will keep this style

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