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Sep 6, 2004
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With the latest New Joe Fridays its revealed that each of the Spider-titles are getting a creative overhaul after One More Day, with none of the current writers sticking around.

So who do you want writing Spider-Man? What books do you want them on? Who?

Amazing Spider-Man - This is the big show, the first Spider-Title people would be going for. While I'd like Dwayne McDuffie to take the reigns I have a feeling it'll be Jeph Loeb. Now Loeb's done some damn good work in the past, lets just hope its not all behind him. For the artist John Romita Jr. should make his return to the Spider-Books here. He's an incredible artist and has said repeatedly that he wants to come back. I want him back too.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man - Dan Slott. I know he wants to be seen as a more serious writer at Marvel with his new Avengers book, but he'd be perfect for the Spider-Title that'd be known as the most fun of the three. Add in an artist that can handle the light harted nature of the script, such as Manuel Garcia of Marvel Adventures Avengers and I think we'd have a great book.

Sensational Spider-Man - I want the 70s Marvel influenced Matt Fraction writing here. This should be the book that has Spider-Man interacting with the Marvel Universe on the whole. If theres to be a Team-Up Story it should be here. Spider-Man leaving New York is all here. And let Fraction do what he's already doing on Iron Fist would make a great read. Fraction's close relationship with DD writer Ed Brubaker would also help out to bring back that more cohesive feel the marvel universe once had. Remember when if The Kingpin ****ed with DD that ment Spider-man would drop in on him? A return to that. Add in current Amazing artist Ron Garney, who's been doing one hell of a JRJR impersonation and I think we'd be set.

I think overall I'd like the Spider-Titles to each have their own identity after One More Day, instead of there being Amazing and the other two books that seem to be around for when they need to run a mini though the titles. I mean I feel for Peter David. Launched into The Other, then blindsided by Civil War and Back In Black. It seems like he never got to write his Spider-book.

So who do you want?
*Remembers back to 2006*

...and Jeph Loeb will be doing a Spider-Man book with J. Scott Campbell...

*Flashes back to 2007*
*Remembers back to 2006*

...and Jeph Loeb will be doing a Spider-Man book with J. Scott Campbell...

*Flashes back to 2007*


My comments about the books still needing solid identities stands.
If he wasn't overworked already, I'd want Robert Kirkman writing Spider-Man. He's said on several occasions that Spidey's the one character he'd most like to write and I think he could make it brilliant.

But I'm sure Ant-Man would have to end for it to happen, and I don't want that to happen.
I'd merge all of them into one, and have it fortnightly. It would be written by Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns and Brian K. Vaughan. Stuart Immonen, Terry Dodson, John Romita Jr., etc. would draw arcs.

It would be epic.

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