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Pixie and Chimera are diametric opposites in Marvel Comics. One's a heroine and the other's a villainness. They both possess supernatural empathic magical powers that are still technically categorized as mutant powers, rendering them in the world of the uncanny X-Men. Pixie is a fairy-creature with the strange ability to use a special dust to induce hallucinations such as those of unicorns and bubbles to disorient her evil adversaries or create general lightening confusion or unorthodox vertigo. Chimera on the other hand has more psionic abilities to generate holograms of moving serpents and can teleport between dimensions, giving her the ability to cheat time and perform funny thefts. Pixie represents the attainability of power through superstition, a rather optimistic thought, while Chimera represents the acquisition of deadly phantom imagination for the profit of realm mastery. One's a seamstress while the other's more of a thief. That's what makes this female avatar duo so intriguing, and I came across this duo while surfing, and I just had to post something as a retirement piece, because I couldn't leave the world of comic books without a special personal nod to this astonishing Marvel pairing of superfemales!


PIXIE (YouTube)


Pixie was dealing with the subversive cannibal-beast Sabretooth since Wolverine was glaringly absent due to a serious injury, being treated at Professor X's special private clinic. Pixie was not trained in fighting the likes of the giant Sabretooth, a beastly hairy man-dragon with claws and a ravenous fury, like a tiger or wolf or something. However, for now, she had to muster all her spiritual might to contend with the lone Sabretooth who was currently terrorizing the good people of Seattle, throwing cop cars at buildings made of glass. Pixie decided to flutter her special super-mutant wings and generated a series of hallucinations of large bees which then swarmed around Sabretooth's head. The man-beast lost control of his balance and fell many stories off a building rooftop and fell unconsciou. Pixie then got a super-tough rope from a nearby store and strengthened it even more with crazy glue and carried the unconscious and tied up Sabretooth to the Professor's research cell in Michigan.

PROFESSOR X: I'm so proud of your valor, Pixie.
PIXIE: Thanks, X, I mean, Wolverine was out of it, right?
PROFESSOR X: Why don't you take a vacation yourself?
PIXIE: Cool!

Pixie took up the good professor's modest advice and took a needed trip to Martha's Vineyard. She hid her fairy-wings in a trench-coat and decided to walk to the arts-and-crafts store where the began purchasing cutting and pasting materials for a special home-made paper artsy lighthouse, ideal for a Maine or New England diorama. This was her vacation., Pixie then walked across the street in that bright Martha's Vineyard town to the Citizens Bank and began opening a temporary traveler account. She wanted to be able to write checks and draw cash instantly and didn't want the bother of credit cards during her vacation. The bank rep was helping her perform the necessary account activities, while Pixie enjoyed her lollipop candy-stick. Just then, another rather mysterious looking young woman with dark red hair in a trench coat walked into the bank and began opening an account, revealing she'd acquired a large bag of diamonds. This new customer-patron was escorted into the safe-box room before she came out holding her escorting bank rep and guardsman as hostages. Pixie quickly noted the woman's hostages seemed completely mentally dazed.

The heroic Pixie realized her vacation was going to be cut rather short. She ran up to the hostage-holding woman and sprinkled her magic hallucination dust in her eyes, inducing strange visions of large policemen surrounding her. The trench-coat wearing woman began to fume and took her raincoat off, and her eyes glowed green, and Pixie immediately recognized the villainness as her rival and adversary Chimera. Chimera threw her hostages on the ground and grabbed Pixie and flew out of the bank with her bag full of diamonds. Chimera took Pixie to the rooftop of the bank building for an explanatory conversation. Chimera explained to Pixie she'd been teleporting to the 1920s in America, during the Roaring Twenties of over-inflated capitalism confidence and arrogance and began robbing banks and diamonds before transporting back to modern-day Martha's Vineyard where she could swap aristocrat diamonds for evil blood diamonds she hoodwinked from South Africa just one month ago, in an elaborate multi-era conspiracy involving the movement of great American treasures in defiance of standard investment capitalism. Before Chimera flew herself and Pixie out of Citizens Bank, she even generated terrifying holograms of vicious snakes to prevent any of the security personnel from following them onto the rooftop.

PIXIE: You're a real bitch, Chimera.
CHIMERA: You're on vacation?
PIXIE: What's the whole deal with the multi-era heist thing?
CHIMERA: It's a big thumbs down to the magic of American wealth, Pixie.
PIXIE: So Magneto has your anti-Professor mutants doing special terrorism now?
CHIMERA: I'm a thief currently, Pixie...not a terrorist.
PIXIE: Well, you sure terrorized the good people of Citizens Bank today, darling.
CHIMERA: You and I've always been opposites, Pixie.
PIXIE: So what?
CHIMERA: Shouldn't we consider working as team-mates, honey?
PIXIE: I'm no criminal, Chimera.
CHIMERA: Hey, you wield magical senses just as I do, sweet-stuff.
PIXIE: I'll never be a demon like you!
CHIMERA: Delightful.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)



I loved the way that came out, so this is an extra addendum in homage to my love of the original/iconic American electronics 'magic-store' RadioShack. Enjoy,



Pixie/Chimera journeyed to the faraway galaxy Rai where the lonely planet of Arus called to them like through a mystical tone. They landed and discovered the planet was bordered by a Saturn-like body called Uranus, though this wasn't the Uranus from our awesome solar-system. This was the one from Rai. Pixie/Chimera quickly discovered Arus was ruled by a horrifying fascist named Prince Lotor.


Lotor had imprisoned the gorgeous but solitary princess Elara, and she only had this mechanical robot lion to protect her in her gloomy castle after the death of her father and the fall of his mighty kingdom at the hands of Lotor. Elara was alone and helpless and only her special Lion protected her from Lotor's demands that she marry him and become his life-slave. Pixie/Chimera decided to visit this desperate princess on Arus and learned of her sad but defiant mecha-Lion.


ELARA: The evil Lotor treats me like a cruel master of darkness, and someday I fear my resistance will fail.


However, Princess Elara had one strange nomadic warrior, a lone mercenary, on her side named Sam. This helmet-wearing cyborg man was a mute but an excellent sharp-shooter. He wandered around with his lone dog Wolf. Together, on Arus, they inspected the hoard of the evil Prince Lotor and watched Elara's castle from a distance. There were rumors that Sam had his dog Wolf spy on Elara and her mecha-Lion, since he'd fallen in love with her, but he couldn't tell her, because he'd lost the ability to speak! Pixie/Chimera realized only Sam the mercenary had the skills to kill the evil Prince Lotor. They approached Sam and his dog and told him that they'd journeyed from Earth in the Sun solar-system from the Milky Way and discovered Sam was the right mercenary to recruit for the assassination of Lotor.


Sam had this strange toy in his pocket, a tiny miniature shape-shifting robot that transformed into a compact sophisticated espionage-geared and symbolic audio cassette. Pixie/Chimera were hypnotized by this toy and realized Sam the mercenary could use this funny looking toy to trick the evil Lotor into surrendering his claims on the desperate Princess Elara. The insidious Chimera wanted Sam to take his special robot-cassette toy to Lotor and claim it was representative of the persuasion of youth, but the goodly Pixie advised Sam to take his robot-cassette toy to Lotor and simply trick him into thinking it was a worthy art relic substituting for his obsession with Elara's castle.


PIXIE: So Sam's cassette-robot is something to invest archaeologically!
LOTOR: You suggest I should forgoe my romantic eye for Elara in preference for this tiny toy?
PIXIE: This toy, great Lotor, will be a stamp of your investment in tech-wizardry.
LOTOR: Why can't I have this toy...and Elara?
PIXIE: The princess is transfixed by her mecha-Lion and won't prefer this tiny cassette-robot.
LOTOR: This excellent mercenary Sam will provide me with a toy-template in our realm of tools and weapons!
PIXIE: That's correct, and you may augment your kingdom around the creative template of Sam's toy.
LOTOR: I suppose Elara has tired me with her incessant denials.
PIXIE: This toy diadem will change the way you conceive of magical frequencies.
CHIMERA: I'd rather we all just talk about phantasm-guns.


Chimera had transformed into a human-looking gorgeous woman to engage with Lotor, thinking originally she'd seduce him sensously away from Elara so as to protect her and outdo any plan her rival Pixie had in helping Elara. However, Chimera's schemes proved to be too cosmopolitan.


Meanwhile, the goodly Pixie had transformed herself into a handsome young woman who'd seem more diplomatic for any kingdom negotiations with the insidious Lotor. Pixie's plan for tech-driven rationalism had proved to be more...dioramic.


When Pixie and Chimera returned to Earth, they decided to duke it out in honor of the great mercenary Sam.


CHIMERA: One fine day, my brand of wave turbulence will prove to outshine Pixie's magical data.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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