Plastic Man by Kyle Baker (spoilers)


Excelsior Club
May 17, 2004
Anyone read the most recent Plastic Man series by Kyle Baker?

It's great - it's very humorous and the art is perfect. The style looks like John K. on Ren & Stimpy.

I found the first TPB in the 50% off booth at Motor City Comic Con. The cover is made of plastic. How cool is that?

I always thought Plastic Man was the stupidest thing ever created. It is stupid, but it's irreverent and a fun read. Not quite a kids book but a nice break from the norm.

I'm only through the first chapter but I already really like it. Too bad the series only lasted 20 issues.
Plus, Kyle Baker is a black creator! Mavericker points!
I actually tried to hunt in three different comic book stores on my way home from the college to try to get the entire 20 issues, but I couldn't fill in 8 issues worth of gaps.
I'm re-reading this now. I previously only read the first 6 (I think) issues, but I finally got ahold of all 20.

I love the little things, like Plastic Man getting teamed up with a hot FBI agent, so he turns into a bicycle with his face for the seat and asks if she needs a ride. Immature but funny. :lol: