Plot ideas for an Amalgam Mutants and Masterminds game


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Me and a couple friends will be running a short Mutants and Masterminds game inspired by the Marvel/DC Amalgam comics imprint of the 90s.

Basically, we will each be taking 1 hero from Marvel and 1 from DC, mixing them together to taste, and taking turns running team-up scenarios while the third member of the group comes up with the villains and plot.

The PCs (I think):
Flashfire (Human Torch/The Flash)
Green Goliath (Hulk/Green Lantern)
Spirit of '76 (Captain America/The Specter)

I will be running adventures for the team-up of Flashfire and Green Goliath.

Any ideas for amalgamations of Marvel and DC villains/the plots they would use which would resonate with both of these heroes?

I know that Flash and Green Lantern frequently teamed up over the years. Who did they fight against?

My current idea is is something with Sinestro and The Leader (unifying feature: The Moustache!) as a great foil to Green Goliath.

I am also sure that some kind of Galactus/Silver Surfer scenario (Traditional villain of the Fantastic Four) could mesh well with some interstellar Green Lantern foes.



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well taking Captain Cold, and meshing him with say....I dunno Moleman or Wizard or something would make a good arch for that Flash-Fire character for a Fire/Ice conflict

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