Plot ideas for an Amalgam Mutants and Masterminds game


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Mar 30, 2006
Me and a couple friends will be running a short Mutants and Masterminds game inspired by the Marvel/DC Amalgam comics imprint of the 90s.

Basically, we will each be taking 1 hero from Marvel and 1 from DC, mixing them together to taste, and taking turns running team-up scenarios while the third member of the group comes up with the villains and plot.

The PCs (I think):
Flashfire (Human Torch/The Flash)
Green Goliath (Hulk/Green Lantern)
Spirit of '76 (Captain America/The Specter)

I will be running adventures for the team-up of Flashfire and Green Goliath.

Any ideas for amalgamations of Marvel and DC villains/the plots they would use which would resonate with both of these heroes?

I know that Flash and Green Lantern frequently teamed up over the years. Who did they fight against?

My current idea is is something with Sinestro and The Leader (unifying feature: The Moustache!) as a great foil to Green Goliath.

I am also sure that some kind of Galactus/Silver Surfer scenario (Traditional villain of the Fantastic Four) could mesh well with some interstellar Green Lantern foes.

well taking Captain Cold, and meshing him with say....I dunno Moleman or Wizard or something would make a good arch for that Flash-Fire character for a Fire/Ice conflict

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