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Instead of bumping a 3 years dead thread, I figured I'd start a new one:




In less exciting news, Pokemon X and Y are the theme for McDonalds next run of happy meals
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Interesting. No content as to what the remakes will have yet. This will be around my birthday, so I will ask for this as birthday gift.


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I just got Pokemon Y yesterday, and I am completely obsessed. The only other Pokemon games I ever played were Red, and Leaf Green so there is a ton of stuff to catch up with.


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I have never played a Pokemon game or watched a Pokemon show.

I don't get the appeal.

That is all.


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There's actually a lot of strategy in it, you don't have to do it though which is why it works so well but if you do you can have a really boss team.


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Instead of bumping a 3 years dead thread, I figured I'd start a new one:

I however have no problem resurrecting a 2 year old thread :p

I got Pokemon Y last week. Is it me or is it really dumbed down / easier ? I started and I chose Froakie as he looked like cool frog , I chose charmander as he is awesome! and after that it felt too easy as I have all 8 badges , Beat the elite four and captured Legendary. Yveltal is badass I admit BUT i caught him first try. Mewtwo broke out of balls and felt like a struggle. Yveltal i almost one shot him and I caught him first ball.

I am not "hating" x and Y i love a lot of what they have done. It just felt too easy. Though Pokemon Yellow is released on VC soon so i'll compare then. (Yellow was my favourite)


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Hinted at back in 2013, Pikachu will play a talking detective in the upcoming 3DS game Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. Today, we finally get to see the game’s debut teaser.

The Japanese title is Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjyou (“konbi” can also mean “combination” as well as “pair” or “team”). In the game, you team up with a talking detective Pikachu to solve mysteries. You know, one that can say more than “pika pika.”

According to the teaser, this Pikachu can not only speak, but also drink coffee!


Also :


I must have this LOL

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