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Sep 29, 2006
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I was gonna put this in teh movies thread but it seemd to be closed. So...

On today.....

Preacher Gets a Screenwriter


From what I read tho, if that script description is accurate it will be crap and I will be p|ssed!!! This book could make such and AWESOME movie, actually a series of movies, if they are done right. The last thing I want to see is another butchering of great source material like Hellblazer was.

Why can't DC get their heads out their a**es when it comes to making their products into movies?
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I think the description is entirely wrong, just completely misleading.

In any case, I still have a moderate amount of faith as the people involved --- American Beauty director Sam Mendes and Big Fish screenwriter John August --- aren't exactly known for treating cinematic material in superficial ways.

In Mendes' case, he made a good movie out of Max Alan Collins' Road to Perdition, which scored a handful of Oscar nods and his adaptation of Tony Swofford's Jarhead, was a very faithful film, even if it wasn't a perfect one.

August, on the other hand, knows how to write smart mainstream fare in Titan A.E. and Big Fish. Many of his other script works weren't exactly the best of films, but that's not because he tries to dumb down things for people or condescend to the concepts he's working with.
I think the description is entirely wrong, just completely misleading.

I hope so. Cuz if they try and take this story and take the "god" aspect out of it to make it more palatable to religious people then they may as well not even bother calling it Preacher.

Thing is, if you ask me, this is such an easy movie to make. It writes itself. It isn't laden with symbolism and underlying notions of politics and what not like Watchmen. Hell the book begs to be turned into a movie.

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