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Prelude To Infinte Crisis

DC announced that they will be releasing a 96-page collection of some of the key stories and moments leading up to this fall's Infinite Crisis.

At that time DC announced that some of the special's contents include the crossover story from The Flash #219 and Wonder Woman #214 [in their entirety], plus the lead story from Superman Secret Files 2004. Also promised were "select pages from nearly two dozen other DCU comics, with new text adding context to each story sequence."

Newsarama fans wanted to know what stories and issues these select pages come from and Monday DC gave us the answer.

According to DC, "pages and panels" from the following titles will be included in the special, though the list is no all-inclusive. Other Crisis tie-ins may also be included.

Action Comics #826
Superman #216
Adventures of Superman #630
Adventures of Superman #638
Superman/Batman #6
Green Lantern: Rebirth #4
Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day
Teen Titans #18
Teen Titans #19
Teen Titans #21
Teen Titans #23
JSA #58
JSA #70
JSA #72
Robin #135
Outsiders #21
Outsiders #22
Manhunter #6
Aquaman #29
Birds of Prey #80
Adam Strange #8

Prelude To Infinite Crisis Special will be in stores on June 22 with a cover price of $5.99

I am so getting this.

I'm going to be spending like $35 on comics in June. I need to go on that A&E show, "Intervention". They did one about a video game addict, so why not a comic addict? is my order for the past 9 months. I I sometimes pickup a few comics at the LCS.

Previous Order History
Order Date Amount
July '05 $84.81
June '05 $110.83
May '05 $99.72
April '05 $86.96
March '05 $104.11
February '05 $96.91
January '05 $93.14
December '04 $99.98
November '04 $85.65
Let's not turn this into a 'Who spends more' thread, even though I'm right up there with eroz. Back on topic, now.
Back On Topic

I think this is a great idea by DC so you don;t have to buy all the books, mostly the ones that only have one or two panels that relates to the story.
I'll get it then, I guess. That is, unless OMAC-Project and Villains United both suck enough to make me drop them even before Infinity Crisis comes in sight...
Ricky said:
I'll get it then, I guess. That is, unless OMAC-Project and Villains United both suck enough to make me drop them even before Infinity Crisis comes in sight...

Both are rocking,OMAC#1 less so but it was set-up for the series and fallout from Countdown.OMAC#2 will be where the **** hits the fan.....
Preludes to Infinite Crisis (The Pre-IC DCU)

Okay, who here is picking up what in regards to the Crisis?

I have to say that Sacrifice and OMAC Project surprised me today...

"The Flash" is also picking up for Johns' finale on the title... And now we've got Zoom vs. Wally vs. Professor Zoom vs. Barry.... I mean. Holy crap...

And can someone become re-pregnant when the timeline has been sexed up the backside? If so, Wally and Linda might be a little confused with a new set of speedy twins on the loose...

And the little preview of IC in Wizard has me definately wanting more. And HELL, that was a KICKA$S ZOOM!!!!!!

I mean... wow. This is going to be awesome.
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There's a preview in Wizard. :shock: I can't wait to see it.

So far I've got Omac Project the first 2 issues of the Omac Project and Villain United, plus some tie-ins in Batman, the Superman titles, Birds Of Prey, Green Arrow, and JLA.

I still waiting for my Prelude To Infinite Crisis and I'll get Day Of Venegage and Rahn-Thanger War in trade.
thee great one said:
There's a preview in Wizard. :shock: I can't wait to see it.

Someone dies. And its just a preview.

I mean, its a nobody, but still... This is going to reshape the DCU totally, and piss a lot of people off, but I am much more of a stickler for plot than tradition. People don't stay the same forever.

look at Hal Jordan! heh
Heh, If no one else has tackled a full summary of the Infinite Crisis craziness that's been going down on a weekly basis, I will do so...

From Identity Crisis, to Countdown, to the JLA, to the JSA, to the Teen Titans/Outsiders, to Green Lantern, to the Flash, to Wonder Woman, Batman, and whats been going down in the Sacrifice story line...

(and ****, i respect Wonder Woman, I mean, Damn! She knows how to get done what needs to be done)

Then there are the four minis going on right now, Day of Vengeance, The OMAC Project, Villains United, and The Rann-Thanagar War....

And I suspect I'll be needing to put some backstory in, especially regarding the Original Crisis on Infinite Earths....

But for the time being, What role do you think "Psycho-Pirate" is going to play in all of this?
Bass said:
Scan it then if it's so good. :p

And the Psycho-Pirate, Doc? PSYCHO-PIRATE? Is he even still around?

Wizard preview, it showed the Society of Super villains in a two-page spread. Dead center was the Psycho-Pirate.

He's the only one in the DC Universe who knows what happened in the Crisis, he could unleash hell, and I bet you he does.
You're right. I should. But every now and again... I get sucked in to HoM or IC and I wish I hadn't. :? I WANT TO CARE DAMMIT! BUT IT LOOKS SO POOO! :cry:

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