Pride and Joy


Anyone read this? Its DC Vertigo, and Ennis and Higgins.
I bought this last week, knowing nothing about it, never even having heard it, and took a lucky stab at it. Turns out it was an amazing read. The art is pretty good, Higgins doin ok, (he mainly does colouring) but it looked good. Ennis, as usual, makes a hell of a great story. I'm ashamed to say it but I did like the ending, although a few people I've aked about it said the ending was a bit rubbish.
I liked how Ennis had got almost the whole story taking place in this one littel forest, and how the characters grew on me, it really was great. I urge you all to pick it up and try it out.


Johnny Bravo said:
How long and how much? Don't think i've ever heard of this.
4 issues long, bought it for £10, thats near enough $20, but comics are more expensive here anywhoo.

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