PS3 is region-free for gaming!

Fredrik Martinsson

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Dec 1, 2004
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From IGN:

GDC 06: Region-free PS3
Prepare for the shock of shockers - every PS3 game from the world can be yours!
by Nix
March 22, 2006 - In a QA session following the platform keynote address at GDC 2006 this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Phil Harrison confirmed what was heavily demanded for import gamers all over the world and yet previously thought unthinkable for a major corporation: the PS3 will be region-free for gaming.

For someone that is living in Europe and usally gets games months after the Us does all I have to say is... YES!!!
Great news for Europe, not so much for the US unless you're into really weird and often crappy Japanese games. :D
Would this work for DVDs...? :)

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