Psylock question.


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Dec 10, 2005
Has it ever been addressed how she felt on going from white british woman to asian? Like having to deal with say asian stereotypes and how that affected her?

For that matter does she think of herslef as white even in the new body?

Or has this all just been ignored and never mentioned? Just wondering.
I'm interested in this because I remember an issue of X-Men when she was still in her original body and she kept mentioning how she hated Asians and thought they all should have been nuked.
She had almost no powers in the British body, all she could do is screw with people's minds.

Then she became sexy Asian ninja freak to appeal to the 90's fanboys.
Hey if Warren and Betsy were to go at it now, do you think Warren would shift to his blue skin/metal wing form while he made his "O" face?
She wasn't the one without internet for two weeks.

Hey any character with that complicated a history that isn't a Summers is just automatically terrible

Summers characters get a bye for that, but they generally terrible in their own special ways
Btw, did explain why she gain martial arts knowledge in her new body?

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