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Feb 28, 2005
Metro Manila, Philippines
I'm going to blow my own horn very shortly, so please indulge me.

I've been on a prolonged hiatus from the board, and something major happened during this period: I had a short story published in the Philippine Speculative Fiction IV anthology. I'm about to go over the terms of the contract again, to verify that I can post it here, in the Member Fiction section.

However, if you're genuinely interested in reading a varied selection of short fiction that can generally be classified as either science fiction, horror, or fantasy, send me a PM, and i'll figure out how to possibly get you a copy of the book.

(So far, i'm not aware of how it's being marketed internationally. It's published by a relatively small local press, operated by the couple who founded the anthology series. But the production quality is as slick and professional as anything released by a major publishing house.)

Now it's your turn... Have any of you have you been published (be it visuals, music, or writing) since the year began? Do share, if you can!
If you can arrange some copies, I would be interested. Sounds neat and the kind of like the anthology thing I tried to get going on here a while ago.

I have not been published... yet!
Other than some articles for a widely circulated church magazine in Florida (I know!), nope. Nothing. My output this past year has been dismal, but I've been trying to get back on the bus.

Anyway, congratulations compound!

I was published freshman year of college English. I wrote a story (10 pages i think) entirely of song lyrics.
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