Queen and Country

Jackie Estacado

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Jan 5, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
ok, im completely convinced that im the only person who reads this book from my comic shop as the clerks admit they only order it in for me and never have it on the shelves...

surely there are other fans out there? come in, please i'd like to hear from ya :p

for you non-fans, Q&C is written by Greg Rucka, published by Oni and is a very authentic look at the British SIS (Mi6), starring the 2nd best british comic heroine (after Jenny Sparks), Tara Chace. Rucka has also written 2 novels which are cannon to the Q&C universe (and are also the reasons why there hasn't been a Q&C comic since 2004!)
I've heard it was good, so I will read it someday.
i remember reading a wizard book a few yr back and there was a section for like the best books on the market (that few people knew existed). Q&C was on that list, Alias, Y the Last Man and usmmit else. It truly is a fantastic book
lol, it does get read!!
all u DC fans out there should check out Rucka's indie stuff.
i'm sure many Bendis fans have gone back to the well and read his older stuff... ahhh Jinx :)

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