Question About the nature of the branching Timelines in Marvel


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Aug 3, 2022
(All of the Earth numbers are examples, not really something that happened)
If a character is from an Earth, let's say... Earth-616 and they time travel to the past they create a branched universe, let's say... Earth-617.
As far as I know, Earth-617 didn't exist until the time travel was executed, when the time travel was done Earth-616 just duplicated itself like an ameba and created (the new, identical to the old one) Earth-616 and Earth-617. That is how it works, right? The other possibility would be that if they traveled 10 years to the past, Earth-617 was a reality totally identical to Earth-616, but set 10 years in the past, and the time traveller is just a multiverse traveller. I think it is always assumed to be the first case.

OK, now the real question:
If someone, let's call him... Peter Parker, becomes a hero in Earth-616 in a "Year 1" and in Year 3 befriends another person from an alternate universe called... Miles Morales and let's call his universe... Earth-1610 and in Year 7 Miles decides to move to Earth-616 and start a life there. If in Year 10 Peter decides to time travel to Year 8 and creates a timeline branch, an Earth-617, Would that create an Earthless Miles Morales in Earth-617 or would that create an entire Earth-1611?
I think as long as Miles is on Earth 616 he will be affected by the divergence and not Earth 1610

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