Random Comic Grabbing

I grabbed issue 1 and 2 of Lullaby.

I read the mini this summer, and enjoyed it, but now the issues come out so far apart, it really ruins the story for me. I have yet to see when 3 will ever come out. It seems alot of new comics jump the gun, and only have one issue ready to go, and don't think of the long run.
Anyone read Dan Slott's "She Hulk"???

After ogling the covers long enough...I decided to pick up the first couple issues. Really good read.

It so light and fun to read in comparison to all the "serious" comics out there.
So I'm all caught up on Slott's "She-Hulk". So glad I decided to follow this. Plus her Civil War tie-ins look to be great!!!
i've been reading Girls, by the Luna Brothers, and published by Image Comics...

this is one F&%^#*& UP story, theres no better way to put it. im now just trying to figure out what the hell is going on, cuz.....im just trying to figure out who will make it out alive and why are they feeding the dead women to.....i shall say no more.
Loving "The Escapist" by BKV......

Refreshing little read about a comic fan's labor of love amongst all the big titles.
i have read some of the she hulk series too VVD and its actually alright. a refreshing break from all the other crap thats going on as its very light hearted at times.
as for random grabbin`, i picked this up because the game is lookin so cool.
i have read some of the she hulk series too VVD and its actually alright. a refreshing break from all the other crap thats going on as its very light hearted at times.

Yeah......too bad that it's gone off into such randomness now that it's off my pull list and strictly a TPB read for me.

I still love Awesome Andy though. :rockon:
JonnyFreeze, I saw Weta Workshop's models for Hellgate: London. Looked pretty interesting. Was the comic any good?
it was ok. nothin that really made me wanna continue reading this series. the guy who owns my local comic book shop actually knows the peepls workin on the comic too so ill be tellin him what i think of it. i cant really reccomend this book though, it just doesnt grip me at all. i thought that because there was mention of Templar and the fact it was in London would be really good for the story so i was expecting it to be more british than it was too.
cant wait for the game though, looks decent
Love As a Foreign Language

Now, this seems a simple plot, place an Canadian Exchange Teacher in Korea, and sees what happens. And, in reality, it is.

The beginning shows one the four stages of moving to a new country. The last stage, supposingly, is home sickness, and you want to go back. Joel, our main protagonist, is in this stage, and desires nothing more to go home though he is being hit on by the new teacher form London, and he doesn't realize it.

The story does a good job of showing one what happens when they are stuck in a country doing the same thing over and over again, until one day, something stops that. THis something is a Korean girl named Hana, whom Joel falls for and then realizes she is in the same building as his. This leads to Joel trying to break the language and culture barrier to finally find something in common with this girl.

I like this book, a quick read, and really gets you backing Joel as he makes his tough decision to stay in Korea, or leave and go back to his life in Canada.
Tellos: Relunctant Heroes

Only six issues long, I found this trade in my local library. The story begins with a street rat, a young boy named Jarek, and his companion, a man-tiger anmed Koj, and a small introduction in the world they live in as they are being chased by ninja frogs.

Basically, the world they live in is a huge place of many different realms fused together, were everything and anyone can basically exist. There is a plane named Torrent, that rains all the time, and a plane that is a huge desert. The story deals with Jarek, stumbling upon an iten that mysteriously summons a genie that only protects him, which causes him to throw himself into danger all the time to save his friends. He is joined up by a female pirate, her Ulfen (elf) boyfriend, and a thiefing mychevious fox. At the end of the frst (and only that I know of) issues, the boy gets stabbed in the eye by a monk, and someone dies.

It's an engaging read, in an interesting world, but the story lacks any punch. It fails to make the reader ever doubt they are ever in danger, and the death at the end is shallow, and seems to me, merely a last ditched effort by the writers to get readers.

Hopefully, other stories surface based on this world, as it was a very intriguing place. The art is breathtaking though.
I've read that at my school library. It was pretty good, but I wanted more.
Leave it to Chance

Sadly, this is another comic that was transferred from Image to DC then cancelled because DC felt it didn't have enough in the sales department. The comic itself won various awards including best new series, and Eisner awards. I saw it at the library, the first two trades, and picked them up for a quick read.

The lead character is a 14 year old girl called Chance Falconer. The Falconer are Devil Echo's (a city) protectors against the supernatural. The series starts off with Chance being told she can't train because she is not a guy, and that her father wants her to pursue other things. Chance, to spite her Dad, frees a small dragon (Looks kinda like Lockheed, and by reading the Artist, it was the same guy who invented Lockheed), and then gets wrapped up in a crazy adventure, finally solving a case. The series is much like Nancy Drew at this point, but fun to read. Very kid friendly.

This would probably fall under an all ages read, so I'll crosspost this there as well.

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