Random's Awesome New Subnic!!!

What Should be Random's Subnic?

  • The Animating God

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  • Just Awesome

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  • Animation = teh sexy

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  • Yeah That's Right, I did That

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  • ...governing dynamics...

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Didn't **** any of those *****es
Jun 16, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Well I'm finally 50 posts away from 10,000

So it's time to come up with an awesome subnic for me. The problem is I don't have any good ideas, the ones in the polls are just whatever popped into my head. Also I don't really care which one "wins the poll" It's just to give me an idea

Mods can delete this thread once I chosen one
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"He made a cartoon or something" or "Subnic to be placed here once procrastination is over" or "He's not really that random" or "The **** is that? Pollen!" or "He's Obamawesome... or something like that" or "Buy my ****!" or "There's a rat in my apartment" or "Greatest UC Member 2008... of Earth-2" or "I always wear the same clothes" or "Hurry up and record your damn voices" or "blah blah blah it's a dinosaur" or "Doom + Houde + Urkel = GUESS WHO" or something else.
Man I don't know which one to pick. I'm thinking

If only I weren't so lazy...

UC's Resident Flash Animator... Buy my ****!

The Animator

I'm thinking the residents one
I have chosen to go with

"UC's Resident Animator. If only I weren't so lazy..."

I pmed it to E, now we play the waiting game

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