Rare...but how rare?


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Jan 25, 2023
I worked in the comic book industry in the late 80's/early 90's. I have alot of "prints" that were used in pre-production. Alot of it DC and Marvel characters, Punisher, Superman, Deadpool Xmen etc. Alot of it looks great and was kept in storage. I also have the process film as well as a original transparency or 2. I also have things like the first super hero with AIDS poster ( I would have to look up his name). Any idea where I might find out if its worth anything? I also have an excel sheet full of older comics esp Conan the Barbarian. Most is pretty good shape. No tears covers show some wear but in good shape?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There's definitely a group of a people out there that love that stuff. As for where to look, I'll check and let you know later today :)
I was kinda hoping to sell it all as one big lump of comic joy. I am going to digitize my favorites (this was all pre-digital) to keep it for memories but would like to pass it on before I get too old!! LOL.

Checked Ebay such a interesting market funny how alot of it sits between 130 and 200. Might be me but I see some of the older classics (Batman etc) but I would have thought alot more.
Thanks again I have an appointment next Thursday to get it all appraised. I took a look and I dont see anyone having the sort of things I have so should be interesting. Going to take it all in lump sum. We cataloged all the comics and searched Ebay/google and found I have a few crazy ones that I thought were useless that are fetching a good deal of money. Some I thought was priceless that was worth a few bucks. I just found the presssheet from the first run of trading cards. Gold foil and uncut press sheets. I gotta believe that is worth a good buck. I am going to photograph the best things just so I can keep them for memories.

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