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Aug 7, 2021
This timeline is half fanmade and I want to know your opinion.

1) In the various dialogues throughout the series we learn that Thawn and Barry have faced each other several times during Thawne's personal timeline and before the night of March 18, 2000. The CW has decided to always use Tom Cavanagh to play the Reverse Flash in the subsequent appearances and, therefore, made it post season 1. This does not suit me and therefore I took the slightest crack of the story to create another justification.

2) This timeline will take into account the one and only fact that an original timeline does not exist and has never existed


Distant Future

Eobard Thawne is born.

Throughout his life he grows to idolize the hero Flash.

During his university years he learned a lot about the age of heroes and decided he wanted to become one too.

In the search he came into the possession of the artificial intelligence Gideon and eventually managed to replicate the formula that had allowed the Flash to obtain the powers through the BLOC.

Finally obtained the coveted powers, he began to test them and go further and further, until he traveled through time. As soon as he arrived in the past, in an era unknown to him (2021), he immediately tried to go back in order to study this new skill. Using his speed to use the Whormole, he accidentally creates a version of himself (a time remnant) that gets stuck in 2021 with no memory.

ET Original
Eobard Thawne, now able to return to his present, begins to study this new ability. Being bound to the remnant stuck in the past, he occasionally had visions of his other life.

After spending a long period of his life studying many of his skills, giving up his life, he is finally ready to introduce himself to the world.

Just before he announced himself, however, the scarlet speedster arrived and unwittingly stole Eobard's attention. After he saved the day, the crowd started cheering him on.

Disappointed and discouraged, he decided to follow him to meet him officially. The Flash, however, avoided the fight and brought Thawne face to face with Superman. He managed to escape because he was faster than the Kryptonian.

Totally confused by the latest events, the visions attack him again. This time they are fatal, as Eobard discovers that he will become the Flash's greatest enemy.

At this point the negative Speedforce tries to take advantage of him, but he tries to resist them by exploiting their power anyway.

Using Gideon, he decides to travel back in time and discover the Flash's period of activity


ET Time Remnant 1

8x17 - 8x18 - 8x19 - 8x20

ET Original
After returning to his own time, he realizes that the Flash is getting faster than he is, which is why he was able to return. Realizing this, she figured out a plan to defeat him... Kill him as a child. Having no idea, however, who was hiding under the mask, he began to investigate.

During one of these searches his Time Remnant died and he took all his memories. Thanks to this he understood the identity of his enemy... Barry Allen. In addition to this, he had memories of his life with Mina and of Barry's phrase associating Iris with his lightning rod.

Given this knowledge, he put his plan into action...


...kill his enemy as a child. He could not make it. He was willing to do anything to get what he wanted, but he wasn't deranged, the negative Speedforce hadn't managed to fully corrupt him yet. So Eobard planned more. Stealing the life that Barry was supposed to have...

8x03 - 8x04 - 8x05 - 8x17 - 8x18 - 8x19

The negative Speedforce killed him and brought him back to life on another Earth. He finally decided to fully embrace the negative forces. The Flash had once again prevented him from living the life he deserved, and imprisoned him for almost a year. And even more important was that the entire web of continued unhappiness is connected to the existence of the Speedforce and its negative counterpart. Existence that was enabled by Barry Allen. From that day on, Eobard became aware of this and blamed the Flash for turning his entire life upside down and sending him to hell.

After reverting to Wells' appearance, he joined the Nazi forces as he knew they would be his key to returning to Earth - 1

S3x08 - A6x08 - F4x08 - LoT3x08

After yet another defeat and, by now, totally corrupted, he finally gathered the courage to do what he always wanted to do... Kill the young Flash.

9x10 before Nora Murder - 2x02 - 3x01

ET Time Remnant 2
After escaping his nemesis' house, like the previous time, he began to have visions of the life he was meant to live. All this while discovering that he was being chased by a strange creature with incredible speed.

ET Original

Season 1 to 1x21

Knowing he could die at any moment (revealed by Barry in 2015), he created a time remnant as a precaution

1x22 - 1x23

ET Time Remnant 3
Plan B was to bribe Barry Allen's future daughter, so he crossed the Whormole and headed to the future, where he got himself arrested

Season 5

ET Time Remnant 2
One of the visions made everything clearer, his ancestor shot himself and the negative Speedforce didn't allow them to stay alive anymore. No longer relying on the negative speed force's grand plan, he decided to create another plan to alter his fate.

LoT Season2

ET Original

6x14 - 6x15

After Flash's request for a helping hand, the Speedforce momentarily brought Eobard back to life for this one purpose only

7x18 - 8x20 - 9x13 - 8x20

After the negative Speedforce overwhelmed him, he and his time-remnants reunited into one Eobard Thawne. A single being who was re-educated by the ghosts of time and deprived of his speed.

The job for him was to secure all the fixed points in time and his most recent job was to preserve the bombing of Sarajevo.

LoT 7x10 - 7x11
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