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As Newsarama reports, Reboot, the classic animated show is making its 2.0 return.

"In 1994, Mainframe Entertainment, Canada’s YTV and the U.S.’s ABC unveiled a TV show that was like none the animation world had ever seen before, ReBoot. It virtually shook the world not only with its incredible use of computer generated imagery, but also its very unique storyline.

“It was the first CG TV series to ever air,” says Rainmaker Executive VP Paul Gertz. “At that point, yes there was Tron, but it wasn’t like there was a whole lot else going on.”

Thirteen years later, the Vancouver, BC-based Rainmaker Entertainment and the website Zeros 2 Heroes are starting something that could very well shake the animation industry again. Ironically, they also will do it with ReBoot.


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I loved ReBoot! Especially Seasons 3 and 4. I'm glad to see something is getting done with it.

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Never got into it. Same with a lot of stuff from like 94 and beyond. I think it's because at this point I discovered girls.


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I actually looked at the picture this time. Blech. Enzo looks pretty lame and Dot, instead of being visually interesting and unique, is just another bland woman with movie-star hair and those weird cup-things where your breasts go into separate parts of the outfit.


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Cool , Reboot kicked *** back in the day. Unfortunately not insulting here when I say this but it'll loose it's "ground breaking" vibe once redone as there are other animated films e.g the final fantasy ones , that have come close to be almost realistic looking. other series e.g up coming star wars : clone wars that look very impressive.

That aside I think it can still hold up on the story and it did do some cool things last time like that kid becoming a tough hero all grown up. That with out the novelty factor it will still kick ***.


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I remember watching it a lot when it was on and thinking it was pretty cool. Haven't much of a clue what it was about, though. I got the figure of the little green kid and often used him as a civilian Dick Grayson figure when I was playing Batman.