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Apr 14, 2005
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This is an original fiction. The story is based off the nation of Houde, a nation I role play on another board (if you want the addy, just send me a PM, and I'll send it back). Recently, we went through an overhaul, and people wanted to do fresh things. So I said let's Ultimatize our nations.

This is the new Nation of Houde. This is it's story, major characters, new plot points, and overall look.

I hope you enjoy it

New Hope
Houdian Capital

Cedric Arkoski Houde sat upon his throne in his gigantic mead hall to survey his subjects.

Well if by mead hall you mean an conference room.

And by throne, a semi-comfortable leather swivel chair. The swivel is important by the way.

And if you mean subjects, his advisors, then that kinda works.

And instead of drinking mead, he was eating a chocolate chip cookie, and having skim milk.

Well, he could daydream, couldn't he?

The King of Houde sat in a small conference room, on his swivel chair, which he swiveled a few times for fun, and ate his cookies and milk while his advisors, well, advised him.

"Well?" said Ross Houde, the Dilpomatic Councilmen, and Cedric's Uncle. Ross Houde has a confusing past, mainly because it is common knowledge that he is a clone of the old emperor of Houde, Robert. The uncommon knowledge is quite different of who, or what, he really is. But that's a different story.

"Sorry," said Cedric, very unkinglike as cookie crumbs sprayed from his mouth, "I was day dreaming," he finished after swallowing.

Oliver Forrester, the Captain of the entire Houdian Military, chuckled at the display.

"About your wife, and your recent...activities?" said Gaspar Wolfgosti, the oldest member of this group. Gaspar also had a long convulted path, he was a student, then a political teacher at the highest University of Estavia (OOC:Another nation on the board.). During this tenure, he met Cedric's father, going under the alias of Peter at the time, and took on his son when Peter was murdered by assassins. Did I mention Robert didn't like anyone who was related to him? Oh, well, Robert did try to murder his entire family. Gaspar took the child and raised him, bringing him back to Houde when Robert was shot and the Kingdom was up for grabs.

Cedric shot Gaspar a dirty look. "No, just wondering why I don't have a mead hall, that's all."

"That would be disgusting." said Andrea Houde, Robert's daughter, and Cedric's cousin. She was a short haired blond who loved to dress up and go to parties.

Not the usual Houdian by any standards.

"I like the dirt," said Gavin McNeil, Andrea's lover and barbarian councilmen. Gavin was almost always seen with his direwolf companion, Shadow. This time Andrea shot him a look, and straightened up in her chair, away from him. "Babe, I was joking..."

"Anyway," said Ross, turning the attention away from derailment, "I think we should focus young majesty."

Just then the door opened, and a brunette walked in, her name was Megean Brandywine Houde, and she was Cedric's new wife.

"Sorry I'm interuptting I know, but Roland is here to see some of you. He says it's something of dire importance."

"I'll deal with him," said Gaspar, rolling his wheelchair out of the room, "It's not every day I get to talk to someone older than me. Ross, continue what you were talking about."

With that Gaspar left the room, and turned to Cedric.

"Well king, as I was saying...."

Cedric let his mind wander, if it was important, Ross would type it up as usual.

OOC: More to come...
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The capital city of Houde wasa city called New Hope, a city that sprung up from the destruction of the old capital. It was built around a lake, encircling it completely so that the lake was in the middle of the city. Divided in four sections, residential, merchant, diplomatic, and goverment, the city was also home to a large park that dominated on part of the lake.

This park was the home to many of Houdian children. They played in the water, ran in the grass, and listened to the stories. An oddity of Houde was it's story tellers, several old men and women who told children various stories of Houde's past, and even the future. Of the ebst of them was an old man who went by the name Salvatore "old man Sally" Burke. And right now he was entertaining a bunch of samll children, including the white haired Naomi Woldson, a young girl of tremendous importance and power. With her always was a small artic fox whom she called Kit. The fox is a Japanese fox spirit, a kitsune, who recently went through trails of his own. Whether or not he was still a spirit, or a normal fox now, remains to be seen.

"...from that clump of clay, Houdian's patron goddess, Gaia, the earth Goddess placed her cunning and mischeviousness. This clump created Gareth, the death God. Then she took the clouds, and placed her emotions and feelings within them. These clouds formed the flight God of Houde, Hajar. Hajar was born form the sky, and he took to it well..."

"Sorry old man Sally, but I need to interupt and steal one of your listeners." said a strapping man, who carried a large sword on his back. The man was Naomi's brother, Scott Woldson, Naomi's brother and only living relative. "Come on Naomi, it's time to get ready for tonight."

"" said Naomi.

"Let's go little lady."
Calir, Houde
Avalon Night Club, Casino & Hotel

The second largest city in Houde was the Moorish looking town of Calir. The town was a maze even to those who haved lived there for years. Pickpockets anbd organized crime rule these streets, though some cops try to make an honest living here.

The biggest building, other than the massive governmental building/castle in the edge of town, was in the middle of Calir, and it is rumored all streets lead to it, the Avalon.

Avalon is a giant casino/club/hotel in Calir and run by the Lockharts. The Lockharts are a close knit family, most of them anyways, that deal with the crime underbelly of Houde. Aegeon Lockhart is the oldest brother of the Lockhart's, and runs the syndicate himself. He was brainwashed a few years ago, and traveled the world, mostly having fun in a country called Bowker, believing himself to be a man called Horace. Eventually, his younger brother, Bearhug rescued him and made him remember who he is. Ever since this accident, which was caused by his youngest brother, a fat man called Claudius, he has been acting strangely. He is prone to the most random of mood swings, and the strangest of notions. He still manages to keep a level head, and keep the Houdian Crime Syndicate as one of the most criminal in the region. His friend, if they are wont to call each other that, the Estavian Ambassador to Houde, Ximon Astarok, believes him to be an idiot, but has a gruding respect for the man.

Aegeon's right hand....woman, Summer Brandywine, believes his idiocy to be an act.

Aegeon not only owns Avalon, but also the sister club located in New Hope, Passions.

And right now the red headed man was speaking with his brother, Benedict 'Bearhug' Lockhart.

"Say it.." said Aegeon, smilingly up at his much taller, and much more muscular brother.

"I don't want too." said Benedict 'Bearhug' Lockhart. The big man was once rumored to actually beat a bear with an actually Bearhug.

"Say it!" said Aegeon, his grin showing wide across his face.

Bearhug looked down at his feet, "Thanks for breaking me out"

"I didn't hear you." said Aegeon.

"Thanks for breaking me out of prison big brother."


"I'm your *****..."

"I can't hear you."

"I'm your *****."

"Glad to be of service Benedict, now on to more pressing matters." Aegeon opened the door to another office showing Ximon and his two cousins in there. "We need muscle for our next mission.

"Are you ever going to break me out because where brothers and not because you need me for a job."

"The thoguht never crossed my mind." said Aegeon as the door closed behind him shutting off the group from the outside world.
Roland waited patiently. He was an old man, pushing 108 years of age, he was the unformal leader shaman of the barbarian tribes of Houde.

Houde, before it was settled by the Romans, was ruled by a bunch of barbarian tribes, thought to be descended either from the neaderthal tribes of Europe, or the Viking tribes that landed on the island years before the Romans. Either way, they lived off th eland, and had a very singular view on life. Only within the past few decades have the barbarian (or the highlanders) and the civilized peoples of Houde (the lowlanders) have got along. Since then, the number of civil wars between the two different groups have decreased dramatically. One of the key figures in this pact was Roland Wayfinder.

Now, several decades later, he was trying to train his youngest son, Eric in the ways of the shaman world. He arrived here to discuss an important matter with the king, so when Gaspar came out, Roland exhaled angrily.

"I wanted to see the King, Councilman." said Roland.

Gaspar let out a dry laugh, "I want to pee without hurting myself."

Roland paused, and chuckled with Gaspar, "That is a good point youngin."

Gaspar was about 70 years old, and his movements where confined to a wheelchair most of the time. "Your the only person to get away with calling me that. Though, if the rumors are true, you did have a lover a few years back, and managed to pop out a kid at 70?"

"80," said Roland, "And how many children do you have over there in gypsy land?"

Roland's name for Estavia was Gypsy Land. The Estavian gypsies and Houdian barbarians share a common ground, the Unbra, or as the gypsies call it, the Winding Way. This place is a realm outside of the Earth, where it is dream like. The met every few months, to remember the tribes that have forgotten how to access this realm.

"I have two, one girl and one boy. The girl has two children of her own, the boy, well, he likes other boys." said Gaspar, "Why do you wish to bother the King?"

"To congratulate him," said Roland, settling down to play the game.

"Oh," responded Gaspar, "I shall convey that thanks."

Roland shook his head angrily, "You didn't leave me any wriggle room with that, did you?"

"Nope, not at all."

"Fine, I wish to request the services of Racheal Stone."

"For what reason?"

"Barbarian stuff."

Gaspar thought about this, "I'm sure this will not be a problem."

"Good." responded Roland.

He left, taking his steps carefully, he was almost 110 afterall. Reaching the elevator, he proceeded to the floor that Racheal worked on in the government building.

"Dark tidings are coming, the enemies of the gyspies and barbarians are gathering."

He paused.

"Which makes about the fifth time I've been alive. At least evil is predictable."

This is what they are, what they embody, who they have become.

The first one being a chamion of Gaia, Houde's patron Goddess. He is a wanderer, a loner, someone who will never fit in. After several adventures, and several years he has come to accept this. He travels between towns, going from one place to another, righting wrongs, and making do working small jobs.

His name is Neil Tathers, a short man, only 5 foot six inches tall, and someone who posesses lots of inner strength.

The other one is a champion of evil, an evil man, who murdered his own family to gain power. A sorceror trapped within his own quest for power. Slain by his owh machinations, and trapped in the bowels of hell. He was cursed, or as he sees it, blessed, with the power of a demon, by the hellish God Sammael, to be his servant of evil. Since then, he has returned to his own castle in Houde, his own abode.

his name is Alexander Lancaster, though he now goes by the name Aphetto Kabal.

This blood mage lives in the ruins of is old castle in the middle of the Houdian Mountain Range. Here he waits, and schemes his dark schemes.

Though right now he found himself in a small cafe in the town of Keel, an unusual town.

Keel stretch for miles, a long city, that lived on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Nathaniel river, the biggest river of Houde, a town that lived off of its fishing trade.

The sun was shining, much to Aphetto's disappointment. He adjusts his sunglasses as a short man entered the cafe.

To him, the short man looked like a werecoyote, being followed by a ghost spirit of a coyote, though he knew this to be his own sight, not that of humans.

"Hello Tathers."

Neil Tathers ignored the greeting, and walked up to the counter. There he purchased a coffee, and took it with him to sit down next to Aphetto.


"So, what brings you to call me here?"

Neil took a sip, "I know what your hiding."

"Oh," said Aphetto, letting out a dry chuckle, "That's nice."

"Who is she?"

"A chess piece my dear Neil, that is all."

"I will rescue her."

"The ever hero you are, now that you finally found yourself, huh? What about the people who have been hurt because of your quest for your identity? That nice little girl you left in Terraus? The coyote of yours, what was her name, Faith? You were close to her, weren't you?"

Neil calmly sipped his coffee. When Aphetto stopped, Neil spoke up, "Those were nessecary for me to find myself. Faith is still with me, able to do more now that what she was before." He played with the necklace across his neck, "So you better be prepared, blood mage."

Aphetto stood up abruptly, knocking his chair askew, "Fine werecoyote, and when you try to storm my castle, I will take pleasure in hurting you."

He left the building, and exited. Neil sipped the coffee more, and calmly placed the mug down.

"Who said I was going by myself?" said Neil with his customary smirk.
Houdian School was in full swing.

At a Houdian school, things were done differently than normal. They had the normal classes, Arthematic, History, Science, Language, but they also had abnormal classes for elementary kids, like Weapon Training, and Animal Care.

Daniel "Woody" Wood was the weapon trainer of New Hope Elementary. He trained the children in the use of wooden swords and archery with compound bows. Mainly his classes were held outside, and if it was raining, inside in the Gym. He taught the children respect for the rules, respect their elders, and a code of honor. His demeanor was very strict, and he was one of the favorite teachers int he school, even with his style of teaching.

Another favorite teacher was Winifred Locke, who taught Falconary to advanced students. As with Dan, her classes were outside, and unlike Dan, her classes were strict, free and blue, like the sky she always said. Her students were constantly laughing as they trained various birds to perform various tasks.

Dustin Rhodes was the exact opposite of Daniel Woods. He taught his students History, but without all the books and other 'useless stuff' as he called it. He taught them using stories, much like the old men in New Hope Memorial Park. In fact he held classes outside alot, showing the students were battles took place, acting them out, and having a fun time.

Lastly, to round out the top teachers of New Hope Elementary, was the beginner's Animal Care teacher, Shaya Fairweather. She was a caring individual, who loved animals and her students, both showed in her teaching style.

Naomi had wanted to see her teachers today, she quite enjoyed school, but Scott walked her past it without looking.

"Man, where are we going?" she said, "I wanted to go to school today."

Scott chuckled, "We are going to visit one of Oliver's friends."

"Uncle Oliver?"


"Wow, I thought he was a massive tightwad and didn't have friends."

Scott lightly slapped her inthe back of the head, "Be nice."

That is what this is all about.

Each of these people sought power, found it, and was helpless as the power shaped them to be the person they are today.

Cedric was one of these. Orphaned as a child, raised by Gaspar in Estavia, and eventually finding his way to his proper place, he found power waiting for him, but he wanted more. It came to him when he first gained the throne, a dream, about a sword that looked like pure light. He found the sword, and with it, the power.

The sword's name is Valor, a long sword that blade resembles a pool of water. The blade, long and slim, was constantly reflecting light and would ripple every now and then. The sword has since then been part of Cedric since he first used it. It has the ability to shift it's blade, becoming longer or slimmer, shorter and bulkier. The blade is known for making it's wearer stronger, but then, when does a magical blade not make it's wielder stronger?

Another weapon that has recently surfaced, called the snake is a chain and sickle weapon, and is wielded by the elusive Artemis. Once, a close friend of Aegeon Lockhart, and former enforcer, the assassin left, finding this weapon within a cave. He survived it's perils and took control of the weapon. Since then he shows, attacking seemingly at random for no other reason than to spread chaos. The military has agents to find him, but there efforts have proved useless. So, it was up to the Intelligence Councilman Vincent Jarvis, to find him. Vincent has yet to pull any leads, but he is closing down on the chaotic force.

So far these two weapons have been released upon the world, for their power.

Who is to say there isn't more of them laying around somewhere.
Within the Winding Way

This place has various names, The Winding Way, the Umbra, or even the Dreaming, a place where one's conciousness can travel too when the concentrate enough. A place to come and meet others who can, a place of strange beauty and various creatures.

This is also a place where one can lose their soul forever. If one is hurt or injured in this place, it reflects on their real bodies forever. And right now, something stalked the Way, a beast, a monster.

This...thing drooled, and shifted in and out of focus as it moved silently across the ethereal landscape. Every now and then it would lift it's head, and smell the air around it.

Then, it screamed in pain and fury.


Griff awoke quickly, letting a small yelp escape from his lips. Shuddering, he wrapped his blanket around him tighter, his dreams were becoming more and more vivid, and the danger he flet during them, stronger. The boy, for he was still young, rose out of bed, and went to go get something to eat and use the bathroom.

As he walked into the kitchen, he saw the alluring figure of Ciara Blackhair, a member of an exiled tribe of Houdian barbarians. She held a measure of respect for the boy, but equal, or even greater, parts of hatred for him as well. The boy was the favored of Wytalyius Tetovalt, a monk of sorts, or at least the boy though him so. Griff thought wrong about a lot of things.

Ciara emerged from the fridge, and Griff ducked behind a doorway. The predawn light still was low, and Ciara strod over to look at the mountains that the house they lived in was occupying. The mountains were an Estavian mountain range called Sarkantarej. Griff knew of no other place than these mountains for the last few months. He has been training with Wytalyius, having to stand underneath an icy waterfall for hours at a time, having to carry water up and down the mountain paths for hours, mediate in Wytalyius's prescene for entire nights without sleep, and having to regularly fast. Mixed in with these training methods, he had to learn teachings about this 'winding way' that Wytalyius keeps talking about. One day, Griff hoped he would be able to go to that place, and maybe find the key to his bad dreams that have plagued him since he was able to remember.

Griff decided to sneak past Ciara, not wanting to hear one of her lectures.

The elevator beeped, and the old man shambled off of it, unsteadily. It always paid to make sure people thought you were weaker than you were. Roland, asking a clerk to help him, found Racheal Stone's office.

Racheal looked up at him, "Oh great, they were just about to assign me a new ambassadorial postion too."

"Yeah, well your needed, for two things. One, I can't explain about it in here, it's a barbarian secret, and the other.....where's the john?"
Somewhere on the island nation of Yggidrasil

Edan Fireblazer was practising his swordplay outside of the small cottage he lived in. Him, and his motherplus three ssisters all lived in the same small house, living off the land around them, selling their crops and meat for some small change in the marketplace of the nearest town. Edan dreamed of adventure, he dreamed of seeing the King, he dreamed of fighting various beasts. Edan, like his father, was a pyromancer, and vowed to become good. Right now, he was merely adequate.

Bringing the sword around him, the tip igniting with a small flame as he did so, he remembered he did all those things, and almost got killed on several occasions because of it. A werebeast showed up from nowhere, Neil Tathers, and took him from place to place on Yggidrasil. He saw goblins, drakons, elves, and the King himself. He was even reprimanded by the King, but allowed to leave the capital if he vowed never to return. Edan was much like the flame he wielded, emotional and tempermental. Which is why he swore when one of his sisters screamed out at him.


The flame winked out on the tip of his sword, causing Edan to scream, "Sis! What is tarnation are you talking about?"

"He said his name is Neil, Neil Tathers, he says he needs your help, though I have no idea why. Why would anyone need your help? You mess up everything,"

"Shut it sis!" shouted Edan as he walked back into the house, grabbing the phone, "Yea?" he said, trying to keep the excitement out of voice.

"I need your help, so I'm sending you money to get your *** over here."

"Oh...ok..." replied Edan, "Now?"


"I guess..."

"I'll have two of my associates pick you up at New Hope airport, got it?"



The phone went dead as Neil hung up the phone, and Edan was left staring at it.

"Man, I forgot how he expects people to always listen to him." said Edan to his sister.
The Department of Internal Investigations
Avernesse, Estavia

click click click

His feet clicked against the granite floor, following the winding path to his office. In one hand he held a clipboard, in the other, he held a piece of cake. Munching on the cake, he thought about his past, and mused.

The day I was born and escaped from the prison he put me in. The Emperor of that country tried to make the perfect assassin, not realizing that this assassin would actually feel love and joy in life, not be the emotionless killing machine. I broke free from him, heard he was killed a few months later by a bullet. A new kid took his place, but I didn't go back, I searched for where I belonged, where I wanted to be. I traveled, found the meaning of friendship, found the joy of love, and the pain of defeat. Eventually I wound up on the doorstep of the Black Palace, and he saw me.

Mordred the Black.

He didn't see me as a freak, he saw me as a blessing. I showed him my powers, the strength, the camoflauge, the agility, and he showed me where my talents would be useful. I joined the team here, and since then, have enjoyed my job.

As he walked into his office, the lights came on showing a seven foot tall lizardman. He stood hunched over, his skin was green and scaly. He had small spines run up the back of his head that where multicolored. His snout was elongated, his eyes locate dnear the front of his face, his ears were unnoticeable, like a lizard. He had a tail, a long one, and the clicking sounds where made from the claws on his feet. These same claws were on his hands, which were gripping the cake he shoved into his mouth with ease.

My name is Seymore, Seymore Lizardman, and I love cake. he thought merrily.
Aphetto blinked.

He arrived at his castle, his base of operations.

The castle looked every bit of a ruin, crumpled towers, destroyed walls, a dry moat, but once Aphetto entered the ruined doorway, the true castle was seen. The huge beautifully lit castle, which was much bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside, held many many secrets.

"So Boss, how'd it go?" said the first voice. It's owner was male, around late twenties, and a clean cut about him. On his waist was a warhammer, and an ornate glove adorned his right hand. The air around him seemed colder than normal as well. His name was Dave Peck.

"He is coming, I don't know with whom, as I don't know when," said Aphetto, "Where are the others?"

"Davis is still working on the thing you sent him on, Cassy, she's around..."

"Here," said a silky voice. Cassandra Kabal was, and still is, Aphetto's wife, and perhaps, the only thing he truely loved in the world. She silked up to him, her long black hair falling over his, masking there kiss from Dave. It lasted long enough for Dave to pretend to clear his throat by coughing.

She backed away, ehr robe being alluring yet not revealing to Dave. "Yes?"Aphetto said, irritated.

"My mission's completed, if ya want to hear it," said Dave.


Dave stood up properly, "Well it seems the dark tribe of barbarians are planning an assault within the Way themselves."

"Ah, so Tetovalt finally makes his move against them I see."

"Seems like that boss."

"Good, now go, I find I miss my wife more than I thought possible."

Dave exited the meating room, and made his way towards his own room, when he heard a moan, not sexual, merely a moan of pain or distraut. Figuring this is another one of Aphetto's playmates, Dave walked over to the source.

The woman inside was a teen, long white hair fell around her, which was dirty and the clothes she worn also bore the resemblance of being on for manyu many days. She was chained to the wall, and looked to be recovering from whatever torture she had been put through. Even in her state their was no mistaking whom she was.

"Hello there Miss Nightingale, " said Dave, smilingly wolfishly, "And how is the heir to Houde doing today?"

Nightingale Houde, the unknown daughter of Robert Houde, the former Emperor, screamed in fury and pain.
If anyone could actually scream barbarian, this man could. Granted, he was short, and bald unlike most barbarians, but it was his attitude, the way in which he walked. He filled up a room with his boisterous singing, his quaffing, his spirit, and most people would follow in his wake. He was a military leader in his time, until he left the army to pursue to other interests. Giving the reins of the barbarian nation to the looks of what was going to be a good kid, he ventured in the mountain ranges, away from it all.

He got called back into duty, from an old friend of his. So now, this massive person in such a small frame was waiting in the New Hope airport. His massive axe was left behind, at the security gate, and so he felt uneasy. Various peoples got off the plane, humans, catpersons, the occansional elf that dared to venture into Houde, and finally, the man this man was waiting for.

He strode forward, shaking the kids hand before he offered it.

"Edan? Edan Fireblazer?"

"Yea," said Edan, massaging his wrist, "You are?"

"Neil's contact, let's go."

"Okay..." said Edan, following the short stocky man who seemed to be much larger than he was. He led them through the doors, to the security checkout, where he grabbed his axe, and out to the Jeep. Edan jumped in, and got quickly excited.

"I've never driven in a car before..."

"Shut it boy," said the man griffly, "We need to get there quick."

The next few minutes was the worst minutes of Edan's life. When they arrived at their destination, he saw another big man standing outside, smoking a cigarette. He had a massive sword strapped to his back.

"This the guy?"

"Edan, Scott Woldson, Scott, Edan."

"Hey," said Scott, opening the door, "Neil's inside, you best talk to him first."

When the door opened, a small white fox darted outside. Edan made a move to stop it, when a child's voice echoed out, "Don't bother, he'll be a pain if he's not outside. He'll come back."

"Um..okay." said Edan walking into the house. It was a small house, nothing to big. A smell arose from the kitchen, and walking inside, it made Edan's mouth water. An old lady, and a young girl with white hair were there.

"Hi, I'm Naomi," said the white haired girl, smiling at him. Edan smiled back, he was quite fine with young girls, he did have two younger sisters back home.

"How are you Naomi?"

"Good, Granny says I'm progressing great!"

"Hello Granny," said Edan in a friendly tone.

"The name's Esme Weatherwax dear, you may call me Mistress Weatherwax, only a few people can call me Granny."

"Where's Neil?"

"Here," said Neil, seemingly from the shadows of the table, leaning against the wall, "And Naomi, with mistress Weatherwax's help, is going to discern a few things for us, then we get some action."

The man who picked up Edan strolled in the small kitchen, "Alright Tathers, am I done being your errand boy? Do I finally get to use my axe to split some skulls?"

Neil laughed, "No matter what time it is Taggart McNeil, you make me laugh."
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Their little known group took care of the obsucre details, the hard to get rid of bumps, and finally, the dust that gets swept under the carpet.

They were known as the Gryphons, a secret police force under the joint control of Ross Houde and Vincent Jarvis.

They lived in a remote city in the wilderness, a city called Wolfstead.

Right now, the group was enjoying the sunshine, a big man playing with two little children, the two girls suntanning on the knoll enjoying the last vestiges of summer, two more guys joining the suntanning, while the last one was under the shadows of a nearby tree reading a book.

His name was simply Peter, and ex-con whose head is filled with so much static, that even the best of psyhics get a headache scanning him.

The big man went by Banjo, even though his name was really Daniel Peck. He had the strength of two men, and the brain of a child. The kids had no fear around him though, crawling all over his large frame. He chuckled from the attention.

The two men were Maverick and KEith. Maverick was the brains of the operation, and escaped a life sentence in prison by joining this group. Keith was a mystery onto himself, never revealing too much of his past, and moving his eyepatch from the left eye to the right occasionally.

The two girls were called Ismay and Malory. Ismay was a Terruasian and an electronical goddess. She could tap into most systems with ease. Malory was more of a trap-spinster, and the sister to Maverick. She too escaped a jail sentence by joining this group.

These were the special police forces of Houde.

Relaxing in the sun.

Does life get much better than that?
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Calir, Houde

Stephen Reynolds knew information. Very specific information about a specific individual in the world. He knew lots of things about it, and knew about several things he shouldn't. Right now he wished he didn't.

Turning the corner, he ran full tilt into an outstretched leg. Stephen fell forward, slamming into the pavement hard. Getting up, he was practically crying.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to see it.."

"See what?" asked a red-haired man wearing a long trenchcoat to protect himself from the rain and cold night, "I was simply wondering why you were running so fast in the rain. You could hurt yourself."

"Who..who are you?"

"Someone who brokers in information friend, which is why I'm wondering about this thing you failed to see."

"Can you protect me, if I tell you, can you protect me."

"Maybe," said Vincent, "Depends on who this information is about that's all."

"It's about the dark haired man, Dav...." before the man could finish his head exploded as a bullet tore through it.

"****," muttered Vincent flattening against the wall, his own weapon well in hand. He muttered into his coat collar, "Where did that come from? Adrian?"

"Wolfhound here boss, it's on a rooftop. That damn Lockhart must have shot him from up there with those high tech pistols of his."

"When did he get silencers for those things?"

"No idea, I'm looking for him now and can't see him boss." said Adrian Wolfhound. Adrian was a long standing cop in the Calir streets, one of the few that was trustworthy to the Intelligence Councilman Vincent Jarvis. Vincent was a smart man, and had several contacts, including his former lover, Aegeon Lockhart. He recently got over his love for Aegeon by means of an Estavian adventurer, Alain Vadasz. They were not lovers, simply Alain gave some sage advice to Vincent, which Vincent keeps close to his forethoughts.

A bullet grazed the wall, at an angle that barely missed Vincent.

"Moving Adrian."

"On you." said the cop, who was in a window with a sniper rifle. "Take two lefts then a right. Should be some low hanging walls you can use to get to the rooftop."

Follwoing the cop's instructions, Vincent saw the wall. vaulting on it, he landed on a small roof over a doorway. Then climb his way all the way up to the top. Vincent came up to feel cold steel pressed against his forehead. Opening his eyes in the rain, he saw the blurry image of Davis Lockhart.

Davis Lockhart was an engima, even to someone who lived in information like Vincent. He arrived a few years back, claiming he was from the future, sporting two pistols that rivaled the best in Houdian technology. It took Vincent a couple of months to figure out the pistols where fo Terrausian make and model, buit very difflucult to get. He sported somewhat magical powers as well, Vincent has seen him moved trees with but a touch, and command animals to help him out. He also has something of a shamanistic ability on him, he carries a snake with him at all times. This snake right now was hissing in Vincent's face. Vincent was annoyed at the fact he had yet to figure out the puzzle of Dais Lockhart, and severly doubted this man was part of the future.

Then came the piece of information he needed. Someone matching Davis' description escaped from a mental hosptal a few months before Davis showed up. His real name being Stewart Murray, an accountant who lost it one day during tax season.

"Hey Stu." said Vincent.

"You're dead." said Davis, "I know you die tonight."


The gun flew out of Davis' hand as the cop sniped at Davis. Vincent could hear him through the microphone.

"Take that freak."

Vincent came up to punch Davis in the face. Davis swung around, looking to sweep out Vincent's feet. The two danced as the fought in the rain, a punch here, block there, a knee, dodging an attack from the snake as it went to bite, punching the gut here, and everything in between. The two battled across the rooftop, until Vincent's foot caught on a loose roof tile, causing it to slip, and Vincent fell.

Off the house.

Davis laughed, and took off, grabbing his gun and escaping as bullets rained down towards him.

As Vincent slammed into the ground, his last few thoughts until the darkness took him was...

Alain smirked. "You need to get yourself a sense of adventure. Look at me. Not a care in the world, I go with the wind. Everything is interesting and exciting to me because I don't get wrapped up in my problems."

"You don't need to feel grounded? At all?" asked Vincent.

Alain shrugged. "Home is where the heart is. I don't need things to tie me down, I don't need recognition, I don't need a family. Sure, those things are nice to have, but they aren't necessary to be happy. Contrary to whatever the shrinks, religious types, and feel-good popular media say, people don't need people to be happy. My life is defined by the way I live, not by who I live it with."

"Well, that's an interesting views on things," said Vincent, "So I should stop feeling sorry for myself, and go and party basically?"

Alain smiled. "Basically."

...and his eyes closed.

Few Days Later

Vincent woke up with a headache, a throbbing one, and his ribs hurt, plus some minor fractures in his legs, and with all the pain came one clear thought.

I'm still alive *******, and I'm coming for you.

Then the morphine kicked in, and he fell asleep once more.
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