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Aug 24, 2006
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Seeing as the show is about to end with its 100th episode, I think it's time we made a thread for this.

Basically, it's an Internet series about the war between the Red and Blue armies. Their reason for fighting is "the only reason we have a base here is because they have a base here, and the only reason they have a base here, is because we have a base here." It's an odd combination of South Park, Clerks, and Star Wars and it's damn funny.

I'd prefer to be on the Blue Team, because they have less insane members, but I find I have most in common with Simmons on the Red Team.
i met those guys last may at the alamo drafthouse. They were showing all of season 4 and gave us spoilers for the final season and that they would still do red vs. blue but only as non-canon episodes. oh and we got to see all the commercials they did and the ones that weren't released. It was awesome. free beer for everyone.
And thus, the series has come to an end. It's even got multiple endings.

Why is Tex suddenly so stupid in the finale?

I loved Sarge's emergency plans.
I don't think it's over. The ending was announced on April First.

You know what day that is? April Fools day. No, seriously.
Has anyone checked out the Reconstruction series?

I love how they're taking apart the series and then rebuilding it.

The latest episode with the Church reveal was awesome.
I haven't see it since the end of Season 4 or 5. Whatever was the last one. Thanks for letting me know there are more.
"When it goes off I'll be fine. It only affects computers, remember? And a mother****ing ghost."


Also, the final line was amazing. It's incredible how well this series has adapted to drama.
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