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Mar 1, 2005
Just read Ultimate FF

Pretty cool, wasn't pissed off at all reading it. Heard some negative reviews yet i like how this feels very different from the other ultimate titles.

Ultimates is still my favourite with Xmen seemingly starting good and now a little hit and miss.

What i like about FF but can imagine is annoying to others is that it still has a sense of adventure. Reed is this genius but still a bit dumb and niave.
Gets carried away with himself and thinks everyone should view the world as he does. Benn still is trying to be the voice of (cynical) reason and that the roles are still the same as when they first met.

Rather than reed getting his head flushed down a toilet by a bully, he is now apt to getting his head flushed down the toilet by Blastar the jock or Firelord the punk rocker, while good ol benn comes stomping around the break it up.

Yet the stakes now are a lot higher and the repurcussions are perhaps death to them all and worse even to all those they love aound them.

Its on one hand a light hearted silly lost in space b movie on others a more serious take at the inherient nastiness of them around.

So i kinda liked this issue, and even if cheesy i like how they retro fit the silly names into more ...acceptable??!!?? names.

Minor SPoilers****

As Benn points out not everyone goes around with a DR EVIL as a name to help you sort out the good guys from the bad..

Ok my ten cents as this board gets a bit slow sometimes feel free to chip in :wink:
One thing that bothered me a little was ellis' use of the same technique at naming nihil as he did with vision in ultimate nightmare. "how you say in your language...." and giving a list of names until an appropriate one is found. I suppose it's a tiny nit-pick, but he can't do that with every alien.
Though it would be amusing if Blastaar appeared and said "Ho! my name is Blastaar!" and you can just imagine Ben's face as he thinks "oh boy, another one"
Well, I seriously think that's the least of the problems in the UFF. I actually think that's the most realistic way of having the same 616 name. Give the character another name and you have a totally different character, so you've got to come up with something that will allow you to have that same name. I totally buy it.

Anyway, I like the title a lot because it is actually different from the other titles that we've had so far, in the UU that is. It's scientific and smart and, right from the beginning, we get a lot of character in a team book, something UXM lacked.
I agree with Goody 100%. Makes total sense and it's a lot better than the hokey 60's sci-fi names.
It's not a major gripe, but there could be many ways to bring in a new uptodate name rather than it being a language difficulty.
And as for the X-men not really working as a team, yes, I do agree. But, the FF are supposed to be very tight nit, the X-Men are just thrown together out of circumstance really. But it's true that there are not enough group dynamics in the X-men.
yeah.. it works.. the whole.. name thing.. it works.. myself.. I looooove this series more than any other.. enough so I have started to buy 616 FF as well when I had sworn off all comics but Ultimate Universe and the occasional mini.. I used to be major hooked.. but the FF got real lame about the time Franklin turned into PsiLord.. gimme a break.. but UFF is so good at redeeming the characters I had to take another look..
I never said that the X-Men didn't work as a team; I said that they lacked characterization in the beginning. Instead of coming off as individuals, the characters functioned more as a team than, say, the Ultimates who are beating each other up and really tearing each other apart. The FF outmatches any team in terms of unity.

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