RENO 911!: Miami The Movie


I'm trying to decide if Patton Oswalt or Paul Rudd has the better role in the movie...

Rudd hands down. Especially the big reveal later.

I wish Oswalt would've shown up as the D&D character again. But I did like the "immunity from bullets" line he yelled at the end.

I think I need to rent this again.
The best part of the DVD was, hands down, the 21 minute scene at Patton Oswalt's mother's character's house, where Dangle and one of the other cops (I always forget his name) sit down for milk and cookies and end up being dragged into Oswalt's daily arguments with his very Jewish mother. (Don't infract me; I'm Jewish as well.) I was in stitches throughout the whole thing. I can't believe the pace of the improv these guys commit to.

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