Reprinting the Ultimate Annuals

I've been watching and I've seen more of these annuals being sold in the secondary market recently. Has there been news that the annuals WILL be collected in an Ultimates TPB? I don't care about the Annuals TPB that came out before (a foolish marketting idea if you ask me). I'll buy all of the Ultimates TPBs, but I'm not buying an Annuals TPB just to read one annual.


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USM, UFF, and UXM's annuals last year were all collected in previous TPBs, so it stands to reason that at least the first Ultimates Annual will be collected in the second Ultimates 2 trade. As far as the second one. . .I have no idea, but I'm sure it'll be collected either with Grand Theft America or the first Ultimates 3 trade.


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There's no official info about it, but the only logical thing for Marvel to do is to collect them both with GTA. But God knows Marvel are capable of very illogical decisions.
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