Return of the King conclusion


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Jun 1, 2004
I know this is a bit dated, but I'd still like to discuss it.
What do you think about the end ofthe Return of the King arc? I personally thought it was great. I liked the way Millar compared Xavier and Magneto with Cyclops and Wolverine.
I'm serious. The last issue deals exclusively with these two pairings. On the one side, we have Xavier trying to reach out to his old friend Magneto, on the other side we have Cyclops reaching out to Wolverine. Cyclops even says "I don't want you to turn into the next magneto" or something similar.

I also find this issue the strongest portrayel of Scott's personality so far. Remember, thisguy tried to kill him, but he's still willing to forgive him and he even apologizes for the things he had done. I think that takes a lot of moral strength to do.

It's also interesting to compare this to Whedon's 616-Cyclops, which deliberately resuses to apologize to Wolverine after the two of them blow each other to peaces.

What do you think?
I am just wondering what Magneto would have said if Xavier hadn't reminded them that they weren't alone...

But I thought Return of the King was a great ending to a great run. Ultimate X-Men was very good. Sadly, Bendis' run is really poor. Really, really poor. Vaughn's run is ok, but honestly? After Return of the King, skip everything to the current run, involving Longshot and Mojo. Not only is it really, really exciting, but it is, in my opinion, the most clever Ultimatizing of an origin I've seen so far.

But apart from the Miami thing (which I still don't full get), I really like Return of the King. And I loved Ultimate Magneto. He is so wonderfully crafted as a proper villain. Only Morrison's Magneto in New X-Men is anywhere near as good as this version.
Really? I have to wait till tomorrow to find out, and I have to type this with my feet since my hands keep trying to click on the link.
The conclusion to Return of the King was very good, considering that the rest of the arc sucked in my opinion (I don't care how strong Colossus is; if the Master of Magnetism and most powerful mutant out there can't keep Mr Rasputin down, there is something wrong). Millar ended his run on a high note. Magneto/Xavier's talk was well done and I still want to know what Xavier's real agenda is. And Scott/Logan's talk was the only way I could see Wolverine coming back after everything he's done. I wonder when Magneto will return and hopefully, when he does, the writer will have a good story for him and not waste the opportunity.
I hear that Vaughan's going to clear the dust off of those particular plot threads and tie them up a bit, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)