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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Okay... I have to say that out of all the OYL stuff I've picked up so far, this is probably the most intriguing first issue, and the first one to offer clues that make me honestly fascinated with what's all been going on for the past year..

Here's a gist:

- Tim Drake seems to now live at Wayne Manor
- He isn't afraid of Batman, but respects him
- Batman: "Remember, We're Family"
- Robin (referring to Batman and Nightwing): "Isn't that what we've spent the last year doing? Learning to trust eachother?"
- Batman: "You wouldn't have been able to beat Cassie." Robin: "...Ouch"

I am pretty damn happy that Tim Drake is becoming such a respectable character, but most of all that Robin, while separate in his own right, is once again a BATMAN character first and foremost.

I dont have time for an all-out review right now, but I was wondering if anyone else got this, and what they thought.

Thee Great One said:

Sweet hell. Best one yet. Great dialogue and art. I love his new costume.

Project X2 said:
Robin was good.
ME :D said:
Robin - A few little problems in here. First I find it odd that gotham cops know all about Nightwing's slayings. And if she's been dead for hours they really would be able to tell. Parisite advancment, varous mortis stages (You all knew there were more than just rigor, right?), and of course the whole post-mortim wounds bit would quickly let them know he didn't kill her. Then. Maybe earlier. Also, knives go right through kevlar. Its all about the style of strike vrs the style of weave in the fabric. Its designed to stop high impact on a single point, but the way a knife hits is diffrent enough that it cuts through like going through a thick shirt. Robins R Blades should be able to penetrate. Not nessicarily enough to do any real damage, but it would have worked. But for all my *****ing you know what? I still really dug this issue and am on for the long haul.
Dr. Strangefate said:
Over in Robin tim isn't any more excitable than he is in Teen Titans... He's just a little more teenagery...

It would make sense that when he visits the Tower he might go a little more crazy... A constant reminder of how he lost his best friend...

I mean, lets say your mom got shot and killed... you could be happy joe comedy when you're hopping around town, but when you go to the house where you grew up with her... you're mood isn't going to go high as kites...

and in the Batman comics, Tim seems to be a bit more moody, as addressed in Detective Comics... But not necessarily Robin...

When Robin is playing detective in Gotham, its an escape...

When he comes down from the rooftops and has to interact with people, he's angsty.

I mean, isn't that a more acurate model of a contemporary teen anyways?
Iceman said:
i loved OYL robin. and that costume is mutherlovin classic.
Victor VOn Doom said:
Robin - Robin is being framed for the murder of a friend....even though that friend might actually be alive. I actually like this more than Nightwing. Don't know why...I just do. Thumbs up Boy Wonder for not looking like a fairy...

All the relevent OYL Robin comments culled from the OYL discussion thread. We need to move these into individual topics for series.

Now then, did anyone here ever read the Batgirl series? I know Cassandra is out of character (another problem with this run, but still one that I don't care about cause I;m enjoying myself) but just how far gone is she?
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I read a couple of issues from Batgirl but I've been meaning to check out her series.

Robin has been absolutly fantastic.
Batgirl was raised to be a killer, then trained with the best people in the business of fighting to become the ultimate fighter, and then snapped when she realized that she wasn't meant to be the special daughter of David Cain, but rather was one of a set of killing machines he had been raising separately around the world... And didn't she also find out Lady Shiva was her mother?


Yeah, i dunno. Its still a very good series.
I think my favorite thing about this title right now is the reimergance of Cassandra and her theory she posed to Robin. Batman was using Robin as a puppet. It got me thinking...and I'm totally seeing her logic.

Why does the ultimate loner superhero--who doesn't trust his own JLA teammates--need a partner? Why does a creature of the night dress a little kid in bright colors and send him out against insane killers?

He does it to distract his enemies. To make it easier for Batman to do his job.

Tim and all the other Robins...have been one more tool in his utility belt. They've been bait. That's all.
I think the Robin as bait angle has been played up before. I don't remember exactly where, but I could have sworn I've seen one of Batsie's old villains using it before. I'm glad it's becoming a central plot element though.

It's a good series, but am I the only one who thought the first OYL Robin book had about the ugliest cover ever?
God.....what a great way to end an arc. This was a superbly solid issue all around. I love the art. So vibrant and fluid.

So Robin doesn't kill Cain but Cassandra does. Robin then battles the League and Cassandra. But an explosion goes off mid-fight and Cassandra disappears. As does Cain.

Robin gets the evidence to clear his name and loses Cassandra to the dark side in the process.

There were some random pages and sie plots thrown in there that came outta the blue....but it didn't detract from the issue too much.

All in all 4/5.

I find this relevant
#152 was pretty good.

Robin is running around stopping crime in a very flamboyant way, so as to attract Captain Boomerang so he can "talk" to him. Too bad it's not working. Running outta time to patrol, Tim has stop patrolling because he's late for a tutoring session.

I too laughed at the fact that the apprentice to the World's Greatest Detective needs a tutor. Good thing its jut a farce to keep the school officials off his back.

Back at Wayne Manor, Tim is unpacking his stuff and setting up his room. Bruce comes in just to have a friendly talk....but Robin brings up Cassandra's theory. That maybe he and the other Robins were just distractions. Bruce calms his fears and all of a sudden Tim's "snitch alarm" goes off and he leaves to investigate.

He learns that The Joker possibly has a nuclear bomb hidden in Gotham.

While investigating, Captain Boomerang crosses Robin's path and the 2 throw down. But when Robin explains what's going on and why he doesn't have time to waste on Boomerang, Boomerang exclaims "Why didn't you say so? I think it's time for a team-up."



I am continually impressed with this series. I mean it's not "Checkmate" good---but it is continually entertaining like Millar's UFF. I seriously love the art. There are details in all the right places and all the drawings are so fluid. I wish more titles would be like this. I'd totally dig Freddie Williams's work. I think he'd be an awesome sucessor for Bagley on USM.
"Hey, is that The Clash?"


Batman line


Still diggin this series. They're really setting Robin up as batman jr, but more light. And the tutor scene was full of potential.

Find out why The Boy Wonder is so wonderful
By Robert Taylor

Posted July 29, 2006
It's one year later, and from the moment when Robin was framed for Batgirl's murder in issue #148 to his fiery face-off with Cassandra Cain in #151, Robin has kept readers on the edge of their collective seats. The series has given readers surprises, thrills, action and characterization like the book hasn't seen in years, thanks to the new creative team of Adam Beechen and Freddie Williams II.

Wizard Universe came up with 10 reasons why Robin rocks now more than ever, and then asked Adam Beechen about them.


Right now, Robin is a fully formed character who we can care about more than ever before, especially after what happened to him over the past few years. He's someone we want to be happy, a person we can sympathize with and, most importantly, a hero we can root for.

"We just want to make sure we remember there's a kid behind that mask, and that just because he puts the mask on, that doesn't mean he becomes a different person entirely," said Beechen. "What does it mean to be a teenager who risks his life nightly against frequently homicidal maniacs? How do those experiences affect him when he's not in costume? In what ways is he the same as any other teenager you might see at your local mall? There's a lot left to explore in the character, and hopefully the more you come to understand who Tim Drake is, the more you'll care about what happens to him."


"What fun is a story when you see the ending coming miles away?" said Beechen. "Comic fans aren't the easiest to surprise, so it's a constant challenge."

And Beechen is rising to that challenge with every issue. In the first arc, the reader is thrown off-balance several times. Holy crap, Batgirl is dead! No, wait, Batgirl is kidnapped! Oh, wow, Batgirl is a villain! Robin has become a great rollercoaster ride of thrills and revelations that even the most jaded comic fan would never have seen coming.


We're not just talking about Robin here, the most surprising characterization is that of Cassandra Cain, who recently went rogue and tried to kill her father. The twist could have come off as cheap, but Beechen wrote the character's motivations with extra depth and logic. After reading why she is doing what she is doing, the reader realizes it wasn't a cheap plot device, but a logical next step for the character to take.

"It wasn't an easy story to write," Beechen admitted. "I've had friends I care about who have made decisions in their lives I didn't understand and that had destructive effects on them; even years after anyone felt those kinds of decisions were far behind them. It's a helpless, awful feeling: wanting to be there for those friends, wanting to help them out of the circumstance they are in, but being unable to do so. I'm sure that's how Tim feels when it comes to Cassandra."

Click the link for the rest of the Top 10!!!
I definitely agree with Wizard... This is still one of the most consistently good titles on a month by month basis... I almost wish that they were handing the relationship between Damian Wayne and Tim Drake in this book and not in Batman...

Tim is one of my favorite characters in the DCU.
I definitely agree with Wizard... This is still one of the most consistently good titles on a month by month basis... I almost wish that they were handing the relationship between Damian Wayne and Tim Drake in this book and not in Batman...

Tim is one of my favorite characters in the DCU.
If Damian sticks around there has to be an issue with him down the line. It's too good a story oppertunity to pass up.

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