Rogue & Gambit, sitting in a tree...


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Jun 16, 2004
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What if Rogue goes all villain on the X-Men because of that? I dunno, we both have valid points, and we'll just have to wait to see what happens.
Yes, I agree you both have solid point, but I dont think Rogue will go all villain on the X-Men because of a kiss.

"I consider this a challenge."
I don't either. She could become a very tragic figure though, moreso than she is in 616, since she can't even touch other people.
Wonder if she'lll be made to start to fall for Gambit. Hopefully not.

"I consider this a challenge."
Yeah, there seems to a fair sized age gap between the two of them in this continuity. Gambit's gotta be in his early 20's and Rogue can't be more than 17. And either way far too much ink has been spilled over that little affair in 616. Maybe in a few years (when Rogue's at the very least legal) but definitely not now.

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