At first I was really excited, because Seven is one of my favourite films, but this was until I realised that they want to 'explain' John Doe.

John Doe is scary as **** precisely because we don't know much about him. Explain him and he becomes pointless. I don't want to be told over 32 pages why he decides to become John Doe. It's like Hannibal Lector. No one wants to know that Lector went crazy after his daughter was eaten. Lector, and Doe, shouldn't be 'like' us. They're serial killers who are meant to terrify you, not draw your empathy.

I don't want to know about the fat man who dies, or the Sloth guy. The film is abslutely brilliant - what isn't in the film doesn't need to be put there.

I assumed Seven might be another story set in the same "universe". With either Somerset getting a new partner or Mills or what-have-you, or, much more likely, it was to just be an adaptation - it doesn't matter how old Seven is just as it doesn't matter how old V for Vendetta was when it was adapted. So I expected a new medium's take on the film, or a new story in the same setting. Instead we get a mini designed to make the villain more like us. **** that. Villains are best when they don't go on about how they were abused as a child. It's a horrible mistake that's often repeated - to 'explain' the villain. How much explanation did the Alien need? Or the Terminator? Or even John Doe? I mean, do they really think their mini will add to the film anything beyond pointless top trump like facts about the villain? It certainly won't make John Doe more effective as a villain.

I find the whole reasoning for the series flawed. It's a despicable kind of masturbation, no matter how good it looks (and it looks good).

**** it.