Secret Six series discussion *Spoilers*

That was the Mad Hatter. I'm guessing he's supposed to be the Six's counter-weapon to Dr. Psycho, since both Psycho and Mad Hatter possess advanced capacities for mind control.
er... I don't think it's supposed to be OYL, but it's after the Crisis. The Hatter was just fighting because they broke him out of prison. I don't think he was actually working with the Society.
Catman kicks ***.

And I love Ragdoll....

I loved this start to the miniseries...

THe inclusion of the Mad Hatter makes me nervous, but hey, if she made Catman not suck, I'll give Gail Simone the benefit of the doubt.

"I'm going to buy a moneky house and plenty of little monkey outfits'

"Don't tell us these things Ragdoll."

Very fun book. And yeah, that's the Mad Hatter at the end, looking appropriatly creepy. I'm thinking the book is OYL, but can't be positive.

One thing I don't get was people complaining about the overly heavly lesbian subtext in the book. I didn't see anything worse than when two straight people have thier mind on hooking up later.

4/5 so far.
I picked up the first Secret Six mini and was entertained, but I couldn't bring myself to picked up this one.
Victor Von Doom said:
I am so confused and unentertained by this that I'm gonna regret following this. :?

Nah you won't regret it. Hunt down the Villains United trade if you're unsure.
Issue 5 was the best yet. Mad Hatter taking down Dr.P. That was really really cool. Only to get stabbed by Chesire.

Did she really kill Savage!?:shock:

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