Shang-Chi: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu


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Shang-Chi Strikes in Marvel's New DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU Series

This summer, Marvel will once again unleash Deadly Hands of Kung Fu as a four-issue series centered on the martial arts hero Shang-Chi as he follows a bloody trail of murder and mystery after the death of a former lover who worked for England’s MI-6. Shang-Chi has had a heightened profile in Marvel as of late, being recruited into Avengers in 2013 and fighting on the front lines in the summer event series Infinity. Shang-Chi is the key player in this month’s Avengers World, but in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu he’s going solo to avenge the death of a friend.

Written by Mike Benson and art by Tan Eng Huat.



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Has anyone read this?

I haven't checked it out, but thinking about it.


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This was such a huge let down. Tan Eng Huat was not the right choice and neither was Mike Benson. The whole thing is a mess.

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