Sherlock Holmes (Frogwares) Timeline

guys since 6 days ago was my bday, i was able to finally buy "Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened: Remake - Deluxe Edition" So i can finally see how it can work with the remastered.

(P.S. I don't think it is a problem since canonically the black peter case happened twice)
Played Only Chapter 1 of the game. It's enough similar to be considered a remake of the original and enough different to consider it a different case.
Long Story short, the story is set in 2006 and we have the great, great grandson of sherlock as the protagonist, u can also see references to Lovecraft..... fuck!

Soooo sherlock's comics are canon?

P.S. About other novels = other novels tend to consider some of the canon doyle stories as fiction (idk why) so at least we don't get a reference to enola or some continuation novels bullshit, i won't consider other novels.
guys i'm into chapter IV of the game now. But i want to talk about chapter III. In this chapter there is a nnewspaper that says that a meteor fell on the city of arkham. This is an event that happened in July of 1882 in Lovecraft's novels.... so yeah, the chthulu Mythos are canon.

P.S. I hope we won't arrive to the moment when i have to chose if "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is canon or not".

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