Should The Numbers Continue With The Ultimate Volumes?

Should the Volumes and Numbering Stay the Same in The Ultimates?

  • Keep it the same with different volumes and numbers. (e.g. Ultimates 2, Ultimates 3, etc.)

    Votes: 10 37.0%
  • Turn it into an ongoing series.

    Votes: 14 51.9%
  • Keep the volumes, but get rid of the numbers.

    Votes: 3 11.1%

  • Total voters


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Aug 12, 2005
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Should The Numbers Continue With The Ultimates Volumes?

Didn't know if their was a thread for this yet.
What do you think they should do with the Ultimates,
Leave it the way it is with Ultimates 2, Ultimates 3, etc.;
Change it to one ongoing series;
Keep it in volumes, but get rid of the numbers.
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You should add a poll...
UltimateE said:
You should add a poll...
I did.

Well, my idea would be to get rid of the numbers, but keep the volumes. If you look into the description inside the cover, it would say the volume number.
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Just make it an ongoing.

Keeping separate volumes worked OK for Millar's run, but it's just going to get tedious. Who wants Ultimates 9? Not me - just make it an ongoing starting with Loeb/Mad.
It depends entirely on what type of series Loeb is turning Ultimates into...
UltimateE said:
Just make it an ongoing.

Keeping separate volumes worked OK for Millar's run, but it's just going to get tedious. Who wants Ultimates 9? Not me - just make it an ongoing starting with Loeb/Mad.
My thoughts exactly. It'll just be way too much.
I'd now vote for ongoing once LoMad comes on. Its gonna be a new ballgame. And a whole new series. This edit brought to you be ICe and Marvel.

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If they're doing it with Astonishing X-Men (Keeping it as the numbers continue, e.g. #12, 13, 14...etc), they can do it with Ultimates, no matter how long the break is.
Goodwill said:
Now that someone can keep up with a steady schedule

Loeb/Joe Mad? As I mentioned in another thread, Joe Mad has had pretty bad deadline problems himself. Worse than Hitch, actually.
Personally, I think they should keep the numbers and the volumes and this is my reasoning.

What Millar and Hitch have given us here is more than just an incredibly witty political/social satire comic with great characterization, interactions, storylines and actions sequences, packaged with some of the best comic art ever produced. They've given us the future of how to produce ongoing series.

Ultimates is a fantastic read, and so far Ultimates 2 has been just as fun. While they are definitely interconnected and play off each other, it's possible to read both volumes as independent stories and enjoy them quite a bit. Read them altogether and it gets even better.

What I'm driving at is that both stories read like their own miniseries yet they function as an ongoing. THEY NEED TO RECOGNIZE AND KEEP THAT IDEA. It is the solution to the whole reason of why the Ultimate Universe exists. How do you do an ongoing series with the potential to last for years that will both please longtime fans but allow new readers to jump in and not be lost? You do an ongoing where each arc or storyline functions basically as a self-contained miniseries.

The Ultimates is the perfect book to do this with as well since being it is a team book with no (true) central character, you can pick and choose the focus, rearrange the roster, change the characters and do what you want to keep it interesting and tell the best story possible. That's my reasoning for why we should keep the numbers along with the volumes. Let each creative team do its stint, write one or two or three arc's, then bring in someone else and keep the ball rolling. That's my opinion at least.
I'm not even certain that the Ultimates will be called the Ultimates when Loeb takes it over. Moving from "the Ultimates" to "the Ultimates 2", back to "the Ultimates" is something that Marvel will want to avoid, as would be a continuing series of numbered volumes.

Ultimates 3 will be Ultimates Avengers. Bound to be.
That would make a lot of sense...
With such a big storyline going on in Ultimates 2 at the moment, maybe the fallout leads to the formation of The Ultimate Avengers, starting an ongoing series of that title.

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