Should The Union show up in other Ultimate Books?

Well, Psylocke is part of STRIKE, the EU version of SHIELD. It's like sam wilson. she's probably around doing her own mission, or a bit of filing or just stood in a corner looking pretty somewhere. Nothing really to do with a combined EU supersoldier program. Also it's worthwhile to mention that the EU are a lot of different countries, and although being a union, there is not a free exchange of top secret information, there is, as Stark says, a lot of red tape. Truly, the left hand will not know what the right is doing. She will be well out of the loop here.
The best lies are based on truth; the Union are real, but the context is probably not. The Thor technology story is fake. But the heroes are real.

- The make sense in the sort of quasi real world politics of the Ultimate Universe. The EU has ambitions of being either a global partner to the US or a counterbalance (or both, depending on the weather). In the Ultimate Universe, that means the EU needs super heroes.

- Dunno if anyone's copped this, but Norway is not in the EU. It's in the European Economic Area. It has most of the features, but none of the decision making power. If Norway was involved in a European Super Soldier programme, they would likely be allowed, but kept as a seperate side operation. Norway would probably want to keep the details of their technology secret. Meaning: that the Norwegians would be off doing their own thing off to the side and no one would be allowed delve too deeply into what they were doing. Meaning that it would be perfect for Loki (in whatever form he is) to manipulate perceptions to make it look like the Norwegians had come up with some cool and powerful...but uber The first the EU powers that be probably knew about it was when the roof blew off. The lack of first hand knowledge makes Loki's job easy.

- Thor is powerful. Impressively so. Loki would be of equal power. But Thor isn't omnipresent or omnipotant. Check out him fighting the Skrull type things in Ultimates Volume 1. He cannot just wave his hand and solve the problem. He has to fight. Equally Loki cannot just wave his hand and create a big super hero programme, complete with big dome thing in downtown (Brussels?) that equally fools Brian Braddock's dad, Nick Fury, Shield, Strike and whomever else. It's too blatant. Loki does subtle. Loki strikes at crucial times. He uses the flow of events, he doesn't create them. It's all very subtle and sneaky; misdirection, information control. Nothing, as I said, terribly blatant or world altering.


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