"Smoke" by Alex de Campi


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Feb 28, 2005
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Anyone else plan to get this?



The premise: Black ops soldier, Rupert Cain, goes in search of the truth behind his commanding officer's murder. Along the way, he uncovers a chain of lies and manipulation that reaches deep down into his own past, and all the way up to the most powerful people in the country. Black ops soldiers, corpulent terrorists, upwardly mobile prostitutes, plastic surgery addicts, a musical-loving cyborg assassin and a deviant British monarch in a violent, blackly comic thriller about how wanting to do the right thing can make everything go wrong.

The writer: Alex de Campi, possibly one of the most innovative and inventive new age writers that you've never heard of.

The artist: Igor Kordey. Controversial. Reliable. Solid.

Mix all of them together and you get full-color, three issue (48-pages each) limited series from IDW Publishing debuting in May.​

I'm definitely adding this to my pull-list next month!

There's a very comprehensive interview with writer Alex de Campi at Newsarama:


I know of her primarily as a reviewer/columnist at NinthArt. While I don't agree 100% with all her views, she usually offers new and interesting ways of looking at things:


Please use this thread to discuss or speculate about Smoke, throughout the course of its run.
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Alex de Campi's personal site has cover images for the 2nd and 3rd issues of Smoke. Looks awesome. Kinda reminiscent of Invisibles and The Filth, but not really in a derivative kind of way. They just have that 'subversive chic' aesthetic going.


Smoke #2


Smoke #3
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You guys so have to consider picking this up. It's got like, an introduction by Alan Moore! He says its great!
I'll flick through it in the shop and see what I think.Sounds like it'd be better as a trade

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