So... The Ultimate Universe lives.

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In the last few pages of Spider-Men, Vol 2. We see the Ultimate Universe exist. Ultimate Peter Parker lives and seems to be teaming with Captain America, Giant-Man, Human Torch, Spider-Woman, Hulk, and Iron Heart.

So is it possible that marvel may reestablish the Ultimate U? Would you want them to bring back all titles? Or maybe just one like marvel did with Spider-Girl and the MC2 Universe?


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Would you want them to bring back all titles?

I'd be happy to see Ultimate actually referring to either younger characters and/or the Ultimate U, yeah, but mostly I just think it's a helluva way for Bendis to leave Marvel. Kinda walks all over Secret Wars though (not a Hickman fan, so I don't really care, but my friend is).

Plus, for people who also read the second Batman Annual (believe me, it's related!),
wasn't it weird how it ended in a similar place to Spider-Men II?

the watcher

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Yeah, seeing what Bendis was seemingly up to in The Ultimate Spider-Man title and how poorly the Ultimate End was written. It always felt to me like Bendis wasn't thrilled with the decision to end the Ultimate U.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if they just brought back Ultimate Spider-Man. Out of all the titles it was my favorite and was doing the best.

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Yeah, that was weird. I doubt they'll bring it back. It was meant to be a final farewell from Bendis.

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