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Aug 16, 2005

To celebrate 20th anniversary. It looks great plus love having both "new sonic" & "original sonic" in one game. This has possibilities
Best of all is how it makes use of both those disparate games. Sonic Generations sees the modern Sonic slipping back in time where he meets his classic counterpart, and the two team up against an as yet unnamed new nemesis as they stop him from obliterating the past. So far so flimsy, but this isn't BioWare (and we all know what happened when it was).

What it does, is excuse a dual dynamic that brings the best elements of Sonic together. On one side you've classic Sonic, who plays through much as you'd remember him from his 16 bit days, with a combination of the d-pad and a single jump button. On the other there's the dynamic 3D acrobatics of modern Sonic, complete with homing jump, dash attack, and an added sense of speed.

For the classic Sonic sections, gameplay is simple and to the point, and what's really heart-warming is how fully it embraces the series' past. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 did a good job of nailing the look of 2D Sonic, but it didn't quite recapture the feel, its physics and sense of momentum feeling a little wayward.

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This game is awesome! Holy crap. The story is simple yet they play with 2 sonics differences and the time travel brilliantly. Example After you beat green hill it free's tails. Sonic says "Woah that seemed familiar" tails replies "not to me" (As green hill = sonic 1 and tails came in it at 2) awesome.

Gameplay, classic Sonic is great and Modern sonic is great too. They have done a great job with the gameplay. Even bosses = classic bosses BUT played differently. Example :

Thats great, I strongly considered picking this up, but decided to hold out for a used copy since it seemed like it's gonna be real short
Thats great, I strongly considered picking this up, but decided to hold out for a used copy since it seemed like it's gonna be real short

It is and it isn't. Depends on how you play. I'll explain. The Story mode in order to get to the end is 3 worlds/sections. Each with 3 stages , 1 boss , 1 challenge of your choice and 1 rival. That is short.

However each world in the game has 10 challenges (5 classic 5 modern) beating them unlock art , music ect.... the 3 worlds if your wondering = each era. Classic era with levels from Sonic 1 to sonic & knuckles , New era with levels from Adventure to heroes. then lastly Modern era with Sonic 2006 to Colours.

Rivals = classic - Metal Sonic , New - Shadow , Modern Silver. They are extra boss like fights that give you chaos emeralds all 7 unlocks final boss (and super sonic!) You should buy it if you like sonic it's the ultimate Sonic fan service and awesome game.

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