Sonic & the black knight (Wii)


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Aug 16, 2005
It follows on from Sonic and the Secrtet Rings as the second part of the Wii exclusive storybook series, and is being developed by Sonic Team in Japan. Transporting Sonic back to an Arthurian medieval world, it arms Sonic with a sword to tackle his foes. It's currently scheduled for release in Spring 2009,

I'm both intrigued and laughing at the idea of sonic with a sword :lol::lol::shock::shock::lol::lol:
Sonic & The Black Knight, the latest hedgehog game from SEGA and developer Sonic Team (Japan), is the next in the franchise's storybook theme, the first of which was the Arabian-style Sonic and the Secret Rings. This time director Tetsu Katano (lead programmer, Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Heroes) takes the blue blazer into the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, where he gains a magical sword and must work his way through a series of areas, both saving villagers and collecting rings, so that he might finally do battle with the king himself, who has become corrupted with power. A magician pulls Sonic into the era through a time warp and charges him with the task of saving the land -- a challenge he begrudgingly accepts as he wolfs down chili-dogs in a nicely produced cinematic that opens the storyline.

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