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Dec 10, 2007
Hello everyone :)
I was reading online about some Spidey comics, since I'm reading them all and I just got to 1995, and as I was reading about Untold Tales of Spider-Man and the best spot to put them in a timeline of sorts, I read that that after Spider-Man: Chapter One was released, Untold tales became non-canonical because of some events of Spider-Man: Chapter One.
I also read most writers ignore Spider-Man: Chapter One completely, but is it canonical?
Does Marvel have any official standing on which one of the two series are canonical or not?

Thanks in advance :)
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wikipedia said:
Since Byrne left the Spider-Man titles, his successors have shied away from making any references to the series, and it is now commonly assumed that the original stories have regained their canonical status.

That isn't an official statement by Marvel, but it's probably the best you'll get. Marvel isn't going to come out and say "John Byrne's 'Spider-Man: Chapter One' pissed everyone off, so we're retconning it back to the original stories."

Also, Ultimate Spider-Man was done in response to Chapter One's failure.

From The Amazing Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide (section: Ultimate Spider-Man)
When the Spider-Man relaunch met with less than thunderous applause ,the powers that be at Mighty Marvel went back to the drawing board...Bill Jemas, Marvel's President of Publishing and New Media, conceived of a bold new direction. Instead of merely revamping the web-slinger as they had done with John Byrne's Spider-Man: Chapter One, Bill decided that the time had come to completely overhaul the origin of Spider-Man.
People complain that DC have too many revamps, but I think that Marvel's 616 is battered and exhausted, beyond repair. Because of the existence of the Ultimate Universe, they really can't go and revamp their mainstream, so they're just stuck with useless, unable-to-update continuity.

Oh, comics...
Well, after asking around in the Marvel message boards, and digging up around the internet, I came to the conclusion that Chapter One isn't canon, and Untold Tales is.

Well, Chapter One I figure is non-canonical because it's ignored by writers, and because a moderator at the Marvel message boards who says he works with editors said that it's not continuity. And because it sucked :p

And Untold Tales I figure is canonical because characters like Batwing appear later in other Marvel books, so yeah :D

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