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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Aug 16, 2005


"Honey , I'm home." Peter Parker laughed as he walked in to his home in Queens. He had resonantly married the girl of his dreams Mary Jane Watson. Life was going pretty good. This was one of the happiest times of his life.

"I missed you tiger." Mary Jane smiled as hugged Peter in the doorway of their new home. She passionately kissed him. She unlike most people knew Peter was not just the nerdy photographer working for the Daily Bugle. He was Spider-man!

That was the reason that when he came home she would run to his side. Most people get up , go to work and come home. Peter on the other hand gets up , Goes to work but most of the time has to stop some psychopath , Hell bent on destruction and mayhem.

Every second Peter was gone Mary Jane would worry. She always had the TV on expecting the news report "Spider-man has been killed." She never let him know that she was scared and worried though. The people needed him and she knew telling him to hang up his webs would be selfish.

"So , How was you're day?" Peter asked her. Looking in to her deep , sexy green-eyes. He smiled as asked her.

"Don't get me started. That damn repair man never came out. So It looks like we'll have no air conditioning during this heat-wave." She told him. He could see the sweat dripping off her as she spoke. This was the hottest the city had ever been.

"That sucks. At least we have the fans." Peter said walking over to his electric fan. He removed his top and stood there cooling himself off. Mary Jane smiled for second as he did that. He hides it well but he was muscular. Seeing him there with sweat dripping down his muscles turned her on a little.

"You've worked hard all day , How about I cook dinner. What would you like?" She said walking over to him and draping her arms over his chest in a sexy , tight hug.

"You're cooking? Then Chinese take-out!" Peter laughed. He quickly got a slap around the back of his head from Mary Jane.

"Not funny!" Mary Jane huffed. Peter turned and smiled giving her another kiss.

Not everyone was enjoying a relaxing day in , like Peter and Mary Jane. On a roof top over looking the city , Wilson Fisk or The Kingpin as he was known in certain circle's , Had got together a team of criminals.

"Resonantly I was almost put behind bars. The Kingpin almost caught by Daredevil. It gave me time to think. I started getting more trouble in my life the day that wall-crawling pest crossed my path.

That is why I have gathered you all here today. We are going to kill Spider-man . Then Daredevil . " Kingpin spoke standing next to his private helicopter. The criminals looked on listening to their master.

"Don't work boss , We'll kill spider…." One of the criminals spoke but was quickly interrupted. His shot off his body and stuck in the wall. His body collapsed to the floor.

"IT'S A HIT!" Kingpin shouted getting in to his helicopter. The helicopter started up. The blades spinning faster and faster until it had enough force to take off. Kingpin looked down at the roof and saw one of his men raised off the ground. His chest had blood coming from it.

"What the hell…" Kingpin said to himself. As he flew off.

"Do not even think about retaliating against them." Kingpin's personal assistant told him. He had a tone of fear and concern in his voice.

"Why the hell not? I am the kingpin. NO ONE crosses the Kingpin." Wilson Fisk asked. He was very angry at even the thought of letting this drop.

"This was not a Personal attack. I've seen this type of thing before. Remember the heat wave in Los Angeles back in 1997? They had similar killings and although they could not put it in the police report it was an attack by an alien race.

They are Predators , hunters. They only go after what they view as dangerous or a challenge. You may have gotten your wish sir. If they are here I can almost promise they will hunt Spider-man." The assistant smirked as he talked. He knew how deadly they were. Until Kingpin hired him he worked for the police department in Los Angeles that investigated those killings.

Back on the rooftop one of Kingpin's men backed up until he was against the door that lead to the inside of the building. He tried to open the metal door but it was locked. He turned back and gripped his automatic rifle. "Where are you?" He said looking around but could not see anything.

He starting shooting left and right. He wasn't hitting anything. "WHERE ARE YOU." Kingpin's man shouted. Suddenly his throat was grabbed lifting him up. He dropped his riffle and was turned around. As if from nowhere a strange creature appeared.

It was crouched on the top of the area leading inside. It had dreadlocks on it's head and what would best be described as a plain mask similar to a paint-balling mask. It's skin looked yellow and you could tell it was alien in origin. It was wearing armour that looked alien but yet at the same time like old style human armour.

The Predator quickly slashed the man's throat with his Wrist blade and retracted them back in to the gauntlet on his wrist and forearm area. The blood started pouring from the throat of the man. The Predator let him fall to the floor of the roof.

The Predator jumped down and walked over to the human who's throat he had just slashed and punched down in to his back. He ripped out the spine and the skull of the human and held it up giving off a loud battle cry.

To us that gesture of ripping out the spine and skull might be viewed as sick or monstrous. To them however it was a trophy, a symbol of their hunt. It was very important to them and very symbolic.

Again as if from no where a few more of the alien creatures appeared on the roof top. They looked at the humans laying dead at their feet. They looked up at each other. They were giving each other a knowing look as if they knew was to come.

That night Peter and Mary Jane were curled up to each other on their sofa watching TV. Peter started to kiss slowly up her neck. Mary Jane moaned with pleasure as he did. "That feels so good Peter." She said almost loosing herself in the moment.

Suddenly their film was interrupted by a breaking news story. "We are sorry to interrupt the Saturday movie but this just in. The police department has put the city on critical status. A gang of criminals believed to of been working for the Kingpin have been found murdered.

The city is no stranger to gangs killing gangs but who ever killed these criminals , did so in a manner of which we have never seen before. A few of them had their skulls ripped out of their bodies. Another was decapitated and his head was found stuck to the wall with what the police say , is a small spear.

The rest the cause of death is still unknown but what is known is they had their skins removed and were hung from their feet by a cord. Police say theses methods match none of the gangs or villains known to the city Please be careful out there." The news reporter warned people before their movie "Seabiscuit" started back up.

"I should go , I think I need to check this out." Peter told her. He kissed her lips and stood up.

"You can't leave now , Seabiscuit is on." She said a little hurt that Peter was abandoning her.

"I have to , Besides we both know the only reason you're watching it is , You have that crush on Tobey Maguire." Peter told her with a little smile on his face trying to make her feel better with humour.

"I don't have a crush on him ….. Besides even if I did it is ok , You look like him after all." Mary Jane smiled back at Peter.

"I look nothing like him. And that's not the point. I'll see what I can find out then I'll be back. Don't worry." He said opened up the cupboard in their living room. There it was. The red and blue costume that made him a hero to some and a menace to others. The costume that made him the controversial Spider-man!

Mary Jane watched as Peter quickly jumped out the window and fired webbing from his web-shooters and swung away. "But I do worry Peter. Every time you leave , Every time I see that costume , I worry." She said to her self with tears in her eyes.

She could tell from the news report this was not like his other villains. This was no green goblin throwing bombs. It wasn't Doc Ock damaging public property with metal arms. This was something so sick and twisted it made Carnage look normal!. Deep down inside Peter knew it too.
Note this cover is supposed to be Predator vision looking at Spider-man . Not as good as hoped but still ....


"Damn , Great job Spidey , You left your wife alone. Right after the new reporter said be careful. Where would you even start looking for someone like this?" Peter as his alter ego Spider-man said to himself as he swung of the city.

He landed on the roof of the Daily Bugle. It was so late at night everyone had left and locked up the newspaper for the day. He pulled the great off the air vent and crawled inside. "Maybe if I cross reference these killings with killings in other cities I might find what I'm looking for." He thought to himself as he crawled through the vent.

Across the road on top of a roof we was been watched. Using it's mask the Predator watched on , It looking on in a vision mode that allowed him to detect body heat. The Predator was curious when watching him. It had not seen a human swing like a spider before. Normally curiosity can be a good thing. In this case however it was bad for Spider-man.

He was now seen as something that could be a challenge to hunt. Something the Predator craves. They had hunted creatures all over the galaxy from humans to xenomorphs. Each time seeking a greater an greater challenge.

"Okay , I type in the methods used for killing and I hit search and …." Spider-man said watching the computer screen as it displayed the message "Scanning…" . A part of him was terrified at what he was going to discover. That feeling however was powered however by his sense of responsibility towards the city.

"What do we have here? 1987, The coast of Guatemala. Major Alan Schaefer , Lead a mission to save a Guatemalan cabinet minister. He described seeing alien creatures that could turn invisible , Wait a second …. Could this be the work of an alien race?

The killing methods are the same. But it says here a large area of where they were was destroyed. He killed himself in 1989 in an insane asylum. I guess he must have been crazy. So that didn't help,

Listen to yourself , You know there are alien life forms out there. Hell you even had a suit that was an alien life form at one point. I'm sure people would think you were crazy if you told half the things you had seen.

1997 , Similar thing only in Los Angeles , This time a Michael Harrigan said he saw them. I guess that it is alien life forms. 2004 , Bouvetøya , That confirms it. Now if I only I knew how to find them ……" Spider-man said to himself as he turned the computer off.

Spider-man decided to leave the Daily Bugle having learnt all he could. He started crawling through the vents once more making his way to the roof. His mind was thinking about what he had just read.

Could he even stand a chance against the predators if he did find them? He had thought monsters and villains before but from what he read these could be a real serious threat. They did after all take out an area that if they did that in New York would kill a lot of people , Not just him.

It was raining by the time he got out side. The rain was screwing with the Cloaking device of the Predator. Something that was very handy for Spider-man. Now he could see one crouched down on the opposite roof top.

He ran and jumped firing webbing and using it to swing at the Predator. The Predator moved as Spider-man landed. The great hunter was running! The Predator seemed to be running away across the roofs.

"What the hell is going on? I thought he was supposed to be hunting us not running." Spider-man said to himself as he ran after it. They were both running across the roofs. The chase was intense. Spider-man couldn't see properly with the rain hitting his mask.

The Predator jumped off the last roof hitting the window of a old abandoned warehouse. Spider-man son followed. He jumped off and through the now broken window rolling as he hit the floor. Bits of broken glass stuck in his back as he rolled on it getting back to his feet.

"Ahhhhh , god." He said as pulled out a big sharp piece of glass. It had his blood on it as he pulled it out. He again screamed in pain as pulled out more glass. He let the pieces drop to the floor as he turned his head too look around.

The Predator was gone! "Where has he gone?" Spider-man asked himself as he started to walk around. There was no sign of the Predator or where he had been. Slowly Spider-man walked though the dark warehouse. We was been curious as he had a feeling it was still there.

He was right. It had been a trap to get Spider-man inside. The reason for wanting to do that is outside the Predators Cloaking device wouldn't work due to the rain. Also the way Spider-man moved through the city he clearly was a natural at it.

Like most hunters the Predator wanted to have the advantage before the fight even begin. Once it had gotten inside it had activated it's Cloaking device once more. The cloaking device did not make the Predator invisible as such.

Instead what it did was manipulate the light around the Predator. The way it did that was by projecting a kind of transparent image in front of the Predator. This instead gave the illusion of invisibility , but it was not true invisibility like say the Invisibility of Susan Richards.

As Spider-man moved through the warehouse he was again been watched. Again it was in the vision mode that allowed the Predator to detect body heat. It looked sort of like infrared photos to the Predator. It made everything blue except heat. Heat looked yellow or green and stood out so it was easier to track.

He stopped walking and looked around. He could hear a noise like something moving but it kept coming from a different place. "Okay Spidey you seem to be in a weird horror movie. Next Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees will come after you. Maybe even both. Oh well if that happens at least they'll fight themselves.

What you saying? You're been stalked by this alien creature and your talking about Freddy vs. Jason. A film about two different franchises crossing over. ….. God I hate it when they do pointless and lame cross overs of two completely different franchises. " He rambled to himself. He was more scared than he has been in his entire life and he's seen monsters like Demogoblin.

Spider-man could hear himself breath as he continued to walk once more. He heard a noise come from behind him again. He quickly turned around and fire his webbing in such away it created what was known as "impact webbing."

The big white lump of webbing flew through the air and hit the wall. When it hit the impact of the force made it splatter and stick to it tight. (Hence the name "impact webbing.") It hadn't hit anything. In a way that was much worse than if he had seen the creature dodge.

That feeling of not knowing where it was , Was unnerving. He wanted to turn around and leave but as his uncle always said "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility." and He felt this was his Responsibility as protector of the city.

Suddenly Spider-man's head started to hurt. "Spider-sense …." He said quickly turning around and bending backwards. His body was bent perfectly back until his hands were flat and pressing down on on the cold wooden floor.

As if in slow motion he could see a sharp circle shaped weapon spin through the air. It was like a Frisbee or a Discus. He could see it spin round and round. It hit a wooden beam in the warehouse and cut straight through it.

It was obvious that if that had gotten him it would of killed him with ease. He flipped up to his feet and saw a blur like something running at him. He jumped and fired webbing giving him more momentum as he swung.

He felt himself kick something and saw it hit the floor an slide a little. The Cloaking device must of gotten damaged from the kick as the Predator was now in perfect sight. Spider-man fired more webbing to try and keep it down.

The Predator used it's Wrist blades and cut it's self free. The blades sliced through the webbing with no effort. "Why is it never that easy?" Spider-man said to himself as he quickly ran and jumped jump kicking the Predator in the face.

The force of Spider-man's kick knocked the Predator's mask off. This revealed the Alien's true face. It was horrible to look at. It had four mandibles surrounding it's mouth. Spider-man stepped back for a minute. He was taken away by how ugly the Predator was.

The Predator got to it's feet. It was looking Spider-man in the eyes. (The eyes on his mask) "Damn , You are one ugly mother fu….." Spider-man spoke but was quickly interupted by the Predator grabbing him by his throat.

He threw Spider-man backwards. Spider-man flew backwards crashing through a wooden beam before smacking his back into a wall. Spider-man lay on the floor not moving. The Predator stuck out his Wrist blades once more and started walking towards the fallen hero.

Was this it? Was this how the legacy of Spider-man would end? Killed by a hunter from another world.
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Spider-man managed to get to his feet. Just as he did the Predator swung his fist forward looking to imbed the metal wrist blades in to Spider-man's head. Spider-man moved his head to the side to dodge it but the blade still scraped his face.

It easily tore through the material of the mask. The skin on his face was also slashed with the blade. Blood trickled down the left side of his face. Spider-man let out a scream of pain as it slashed him.

As the blade was lowering after the punch action , Spider-man saw the other one rising. He quickly sent a devastating uppercut to the Predator knocking it backwards. The predator flew backwards and landed on it's back.

As the Predator flew backwards Spider-man pointed crossed his arms in an X type shape and pressed his middle fingers down on his palm. This triggered the trigger on his web shooters. The webbing flew up to the ceiling and jumped up. He used the webbing to pull himself up to the roof.

The alien hunter hit the floor and rolled , getting to his feet. As he stood up he looked around. Spider-man had disappeared. In a shocking twist of fate the Predator was now feeling like the prey of the one , the only , The amazing Spider-man!.

The Predator looked down and saw the mask it had lost. It bent down and picked it up. He slowly placed it back over his face. It's vision modes were back. It turned it's head left and then right looking around. He still could not see Spider-man.

"Spidey …. Spidey." The Predator called out. It had heard Spider-man call himself that earlier and was trying to bait him in to coming out of hiding. Spider-man watched on from the ceiling , Clinging to it with his spider powers.

"What's the matter crab face? Can't find me?" Spider-man mocked from above. The Predator turned around and still no sign of Spider-man. Spider-man lowered himself down using his webbing until he was behind the Predator.

The Predator turned around and saw Spider-man upside down on a single web. Spider-Man Quickly fired webbing on to the eye sections of the mask , blinding the Predator. The predator tried to pull the webbing off his mask.

Spider-man jumped down on to the floor and punched the Predator hard in the face. Again the Predator flew backwards. As it rolled it came up with the webbing removed from his mask. It reached for it's side and pulled out a gun.

Spider-man ran at the Predator to attack again. The predator fired the gun. Instead of bullets it fired a net that opened up in the air. The net hit Spider-man and wrapped around him trapping him inside.

Again the predator extended its wrist blades. It started walking towards Spider-man , ready to deliver the killing blow to our wall crawling hero. Spider-man managed to wiggle his hand free and fired webbing once more. This time it wrapped around the Predator's Ankles. He pulled it as hard as he could Tripping the Predator up.

Spider-man pushed out his arms as hard as he could using all of his Spider strength to break free of the net. The net split open as he managed to stand up. At the same time the Predator cut the webbing off his ankles , and also stood up.

Both were now looking at each other eye to eye. They ran at each other. Spider-man swung to punch the Predator but the Predator ducked this time. It stuck its wrist blade hard in to Spider-man's chest.

Spider-man gasped as blade stuck in his chest. Spider-man started to get flashes in his head. Everything he had seen in his life was going through his head. His entire life was flashing through his eyes, Untill the last words he said to Mary Jane "I'll be back. Don't worry." , echoed through his mind.

"M.J…." He said pulling the Predator's blade out of his chest. The predator looked on as Spider-man used all his strength , to over power the alien hunter. Even if you could not see it on the emotionless mask the Predator was shocked.

Spider-man punched the Predator hard in the face , Then again and again. The predator dropped to it's knees. It's mask broke from the impact of punch after punch. The predator lay on the floor bleeding badly.

"It's over." Spider-man said as he held his chest in pain starting to walk away. The Predator started to move. It saw Spider-man weakly walking away. It reached to it's side and pulled out another disc like the one he had used at the start that almost hit Spider-man.

He threw it hard directly at Spider-man. The disc span through the air quickly. Spider-man turned around feeling his "Spider-sense" go off one more. "You fool!" Spider-man said stepping a side.

As the disc flew past him he fired his webbing. The webbing stuck to the disc. Spider-man swung it around and let it go. The disc now quickly flew through the air and at the Predator. The disc cut the Predator clean in half.

Spider-man fell backwards. His wound as serious. He lay on his back in pain. Suddenly heard a sound like electricity. It was the sound of Cloaking devices been deactivated. "You have to be kidding me." Spider-man said as he looked on in horror.

An army of the alien creatures was scattered all over the warehouse. They had been there the entire time. They started making noises like a series of clicks and chirps. They were talking to each other in an alien language.

They looked at Spider-man then at their fallen comrade. The moved over to the dead Predator and lifted up both of his halves. One of them looked back at Spider-man and nodded "Great job Spidey." It said mimicking our speech once more.

It nodded its head and turned walking away with the others. Their cloaking devices were once again activated. It was like they had given Spider-man a sign of respect as they disappeared in to the darkness.

Spider-man struggled to get to his feet once more. "I may of survived an alien hunter , but M.J is going to kill me when I go home like this." He laughed a little to himself as he looked at his hand. The glove on his costume was covered in blood.

He may have been in bad state but the fact was he had done it. He had beaten relentless , alien foe. He had survived where most would of failed.

The end.

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