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May 3, 2005
Years ago, Marvel Comics' under the radar Spider-Man series, "Tangled Web," featured a story called "Ray Of Light" in issue #10. Fans quickly tripped over themselves finding way to express their love for the tale and then little known creator Kaare Andrews. Soon after, there was mention made of a limited series by Andrews, whose work was gracing the covers of many Marvel series, but as time went on and new projects were announced, the project seemed lost in the shuffle. Announced at Wizard World Chicago, Andrews' limited series is very much alive and entitled "Spider-Man: Reign," scheduled to ship not too far in the future from the Marvel Knights imprint. With this dream project finally coming alive for the writer/artist, CBR News caught up with Andrews, who was happy to talk about "Reign" and the reason for the delay. Read the rest over at Comic Book Resources.

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This seem a little darker than I thought. This might be good. I'm not a big fan of the art but I think I'll be picking this up.
Patriot Mk2 said:
Tradewait though, methinks it shall read better in one go.
Yeah. And it's only 4 issues, so waiting for the trade won't feel forever like waiting for the 6 issue arc trades.
I think it's a hallucination.
I didn't like it. To much Dark Knight for Spider-man. That's not Peter, is just an old bitter dude.
Did anyone else (besides me and the critic over on Newsarama's Best Shots) notice that in one panel, Andrews drew Peter with no clothing on the lower half of his body, when he was getting out of bed? :sick: Old person genitals!

Hehehehehe. Genitals.
And on March solicits , something that looks like Venom is eating Spider-Man,

which means long awaited SM:Reign, is taking advantage of the movie too.That sounds like a big dissapointment.
There was a copy at the comic shop today so I read it in there. It was pretty good. I liked the art, Andrews is always enjoyable. The story is cool.
This was crap. The art was bad, and the story was boring.

Just read the 1st issue.It's nice but not that nice.

The artwork isn't crap, it's a style I am not very used to, but it's not crappy.
On the other hand the story can get interesting, but I am not too hopeful

Spidey trying to prevent a city getting shielded doesn't sound sooo interesting.
Apparently, in #3, Peter reveals he killed MJ with his "radioactive sperm"...

Apparently, in #3, Peter reveals he killed MJ with his "radioactive sperm"...


No, he reveals that his radioactivity gave her cancer and says something along the lines of "Loving me killed you!" and mentions that he was hurting her with "every fluid".

I really liked issue 3 for the totally awesome Venom reveal. The scene with MJ corpse was pretty average.
Just read all 4 issues together!
This is the best spider-man story around, if you like spidey this story is a must have.

The artwork looks awesome in #4! And being inside spider-man's head sounds awesome.

"People are in danger! It doesn't matter, MJ is watching I must stand and fight!"
The Webb is activated completely activated.Symbiotes are consuming the whole city, and they are closing into the city.Soldiers led by Sandman are holding the perimeters of the tower and the only thing between them and the symbiotes are the rebel civilians with a huge church bell.
Spider-Man is rushing into the tower.Electro and Hydro Man fights spider-man, but Parker is smart enough to know that "electric and water doesn't mix".
Then he fights Scorpion Kraven and Mysterio one by one and comes to the door of the room where Venom is.
On the other hand, the soldiers are ordered to shoot the civilians, eventhough Sandman tries to stop them, soldiers kill the civilians and Sandman's daughter.So Sandman switches sides, and enters the tower.
Top of the tower spider-man and venom has an argument, venom makes a monologue about how peter wasn't such a great hero, how he left the symbiote alone when symbiote needed help, how he didn't take responsibility.Then the fight begins between all the symbiotes and spider-man.
While symbiotes kick spider-man's butt, he blacks out and has a dream (or a flashback, it's hard to tell) of MJ and young Peter talking.When he comes back to reality, Sandman enters the scene and gives him a detonator, then leaves.
Peter pushes the button on the triger, the whole tower blows up, we get a huge white scene.Afterwards everyone is talking about how the city isn't as safe as it used to be, and we see a thug being webbed up.
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