Spider-Man vs. Doctor Doom


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Feb 26, 2016
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I wanted to offer a different 'spin' on comic book storytelling, so I created this Spidey fan-fic which involves our webbed-wonder being like James Bond and Doctor Doom being an evil telepath/psychic.

It seems that comic book characters can be divided into two group:

1. those who do extraordinary things simply out of conviction/passion (e.g., Batman, Lex Luthor)
2. those who do extraordinary things because they posses superpowers (e.g., Superman, Dark Phoenix)


Peter Parker was happy being a photojournalist for the Daily Bugle in NYC, but he started feeling anxious about the various emerging crime syndicates in the city and the NYPD's ineffective 'management' of criminality in the modern city. Peter decided to don himself a special costume and mask designed to make him look like an insect-like acrobat; he started calling himself 'Spider-Man.' Spider-Man created a special device in his garage-lab which shot super-strong sticky polyester-nylon hybrid material which could be used to hang off buildings and wrap people in gripping straight-jackets. He fitted this device onto his palms and went soaring into the night.

Spider-Man tackled all kind of criminals with his new 'spider-suit' and 'polymer-shooters.' He helped the NYPD arrest a devious black munitions group shipping weapons from Northern Ireland into New York and San Francisco as well as a drug-ring circulating opium across NYC and North America. The press hailed him as a modern-day 'Robin Hood,' and his fans began to affectionately refer to him as 'Spidey.' Because Spider-Man did his investigative work with diligent police-office research (crime files) and used his meticulously engineered polymer-shooters as a potent weapon, one New Yorker Magazine writer called Spidey the 'real James Bond,' especially after the Trump Administration commissioned him to work with the FBI and the CIA (in special narcotics syndicate operations in South America).

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) felt like he was on top of the world and began blogging on the Internet (for his fans to follow!) about the value of heroism and patriotism in a modern democracy such as America. Spider-Man's posts and blogs became very popular, and he was instantly an avid fan of the social discourse promoted by the access-friendly World Wide Web. Spider-Man started considering the possibility that he was really like a 'real-life James Bond,' especially since he had no 'magical powers' --- only a terrific sense of daring courage and patriotism (and ties to the CIA of course!). However, Spider-Man then came across a strange post by a mysterious Internet-blogger calling himself (ominously) 'Doctor Doom':

"I am amused at Spider-Man's antics/heroics, and I agree that 'Spidey' is arguably the 'real' James Bond. While I myself am a big fan of Ian Fleming's spy-adventure novels, I find that patriotism in a consumerism-obsessed modern world (i.e., 'Planet Starbucks') leaves much to be desired for a mind pensive about ethics and the true exercising of power --- profiteerism and unquestionable governance. That is why I intend to advocate a more 'mature' form of 'vigilance' than the one Spider-Man has made 'popular' with his 'vigilante antics' in NYC and elsewhere. I intend to prove (firstly) that the vast array of computers connected on the Internet compels humanity to evaluate how 'intellectual romance' has been replaced by 'synthetic traffic.' Will the Internet replace Yellowstone/Yosemite? I challenge Spider-Man to refute me!"

When Spidey read this post, he became horrified, thinking that Doctor Doom just might use his arrogant sense of 'pro-fascist' vigilance to create some kind of anti-social terrorism in the 'name of' social change. Spider-Man began to investigate who could be the person who would write a post such as that and who exactly 'Doctor Doom' might be. Spider-Man conjectured that Doctor Doom was someone who tooled around in the Library of Congress, researching patterns in political history and governance and trying to find 'fingerprints' of civil unrest and leadership loopholes to capitalize upon and perhaps initiate an 'anti-Spidey' campaign of social domination. Spider-Man was correct --- Doctor Doom was not only a malicious madman, he was also a telepath/psychic!

Doctor Doom was in his laboratory designing a special hallucinogen which he intended to drop into the drinking-reservoir of NYC on Halloween Eve and then broadcast a pirate-TV-video signal on Times Square TV-video monitors to warn people that the Apocalypse was approaching. Doctor Doom would then reveal to NYC that he possessed telekinetic powers and was paranoid his entire life that his psychic abilities would go to waste as world culture 'devolved' into a primitive state of 'consumerism-frenzy' (e.g., Wall Street, Burger King). When Doctor Doom was near the NYC reservoir (in a metal mask and cape), ready to dump his cannisters of deadly hallucinogens, Spider-Man came swooping in and tied up Doom's arms with his polymer-webs. Doom turned his head and used his telekinetic powers to hurl Spidey to the ground and rip apart the threads on his costume before Spider-Man used his polymer-shooters to wrap up Doom's legs (causing him to fall down and hit his head) and hauled him off to a maximum-security incarceration center. After Doctor Doom committed suicide in his cell, Spider-Man wondered to himself, "Did I conceive Doctor Doom, or did the psychic Doctor Doom immortalize me?"



Rise Hulk, Rise!

This is a second chapter about Spider-Man engaging with a mutant named 'the Hulk' while he's catching his breath now that everyone's safe from the insidious Doctor Doom.


Relieved that Doctor Doom was far and away and America was safe, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) decided to attend Yale University where he pursued a Master's degree in Comparative Literature. Peter wanted to feel more enriched so he could continue his work as a photojournalist for the Daily Bugle with a higher degree of erudition. While taking the course "Strength Rhetoric in World Literature," (Professor Leo Denario), Peter became intrigued with the notion that the iconic fictional zombie-monster Frankenstein, from Mary Shelley's famous work of the same name, was somehow 'stronger' than a regular human being. Peter wondered why we as a species would imagine that a 'synthesized human' would be somehow 'stronger' than a 'normally' conceived organic human being.

Peter decided to write his thesis on Shelley's work and graduated with high-marks. When he returned to work for the Daily Bugle, he decided to continue his investigations into 'social perceptions' of strength. When Peter found a crime-story to do work as a photojournalist, he kept an eye out for a special crime-story involving a criminal who was somehow much 'stronger' than his victim(s) or the cops trying to arrest/detain him/her. Peter Parker found one such story/case involving an emotionally-strained man who was wrestling with four or five cops simultaneously who were trying to subdue him with great difficulty, since the man was much stronger than he seemed. In fact, two of the cops on the scene claimed that the man was 'getting stronger' while they were wrestling with him! Peter decided to investigate further, and he wanted to interview this man who was incarcerated in a local jail without bail.

PETER: Thanks so much for letting me interview you for the Bugle.
MAN: You promised to take my picture and publish it...I'm lookin' for fame!
PETER: Why? What's so important about fame and your criminality?
MAN: I'm not just a criminal, Mr. Parker; my name is Bruce; and I'm getting 'stronger.'
PETER: Ya know, two of the cops who tried to wrestle you claimed the same thing about you.
MAN: Yes, I believe they noticed; look at my arm, Peter --- it's turning green and getting larger.
PETER: Whoa; I can see that; do you think you need medical attention, Bruce?
MAN: I dunno; all I know is, I'm getting stronger and stronger...I believe I'm becoming 'something else.'
PETER: What do you think you are 'becoming,' Bruce?
MAN: I dunno...I had a dream in which a voice told me I was becoming something called...'The Hulk.'

After Peter Parker concluded his interview with the eccentric and 'mutating' Bruce who was still in jail, he concluded that the man's changing arm (size/color) may either be some kind of gangrene coupled with a mental illness or, even more bizarre, as the man (Bruce) himself suggested, that he was literally 'mutating' into a 'different person'...someone much stronger...perhaps 'The Hulk.' Peter (Spider-Man) decided to keep tabs on Bruce and await his trial for his assault on cops, which fortunately, did not lead to any fatal injuries. However, two weeks later, it was reported that Bruce somehow 'broke out' of jail, and cops at the station stated that the bars in his cell were bent open (somehow!) and that Bruce had just fled. Immediately, Peter wondered if Bruce had grown 'strong enough' to bend away the prison bars to let himself out. Peter decided to don his Spider-Man suit and go out soaring on his webs, searching for Bruce.

As Spider-Man soared above Central Park in NYC, he noticed a strange and large humanoid running around in the grass. The man was unusually large and muscular and his skin was completely green! Spider-Man reasoned that the 'mutant gargoyle' must indeed be the 'strength-transforming Bruce' who had now literally become...'The Hulk.' Spider-Man used his webs to soar down to the Hulk and then shoot webs all over his face to blind him completely before using layered webs to wrap up his feet together so the Hulk fell down. He then used more webs to tie up and hoist the Hulk and hang him from a nearby tree in a giant super-sturdy cocoon. Spider-Man then went and called the police (NYPD) and waited for them to arrive. Before the police arrived, Spider-Man decided to interrogate Bruce one more time.

SPIDER-MAN: What happened to you, Bruce?
HULK: I'm dying, Spider-Man...
SPIDER-MAN: I saw in the news your normal size and all.
HULK: You must have talked to Peter Parker!
SPIDER-MAN: Yes, I did; that's how I know your name...
HULK: Well, I told Peter I was becoming 'The Hulk.'
SPIDER-MAN: Well, I'll tell Peter you were right!
HULK: Peter tried to help me, but how could've he have known?
SPIDER-MAN: Known what?
HULK: That I was transforming into a non-human...
SPIDER-MAN: What will you do? Why did you say you were dying?
HULK: I can feel my heart-beat getting slower and slower.
SPIDER-MAN: So this strength-change has come at a cost.
HULK: I believe this new 'being' I am now (the Hulk) has an extremely short lifespan.
SPIDER-MAN: So you decided to spend your last moments running around Central Park!
HULK: Yes, so I could feel the euphoria and joy of possessing such outrageous body-strength.
SPIDER-MAN: Now, you've made your peace with God and you're ready to die...
HULK: I think I have only a few moments left; I have no friends/family to leave anything.
SPIDER-MAN: I promise the Smithsonian will build a statue in honor of what happened to you.
HULK: How I became the Hulk?
SPIDER-MAN: Yes, I promise that scientists/journalists will appreciate what you (Bruce) went through.
HULK: I wonder if kids will look at my museum statue and call me Quasimodo...or Frankenstein!
SPIDER-MAN: I'm sure they'll empathize with your special case, Bruce.
HULK: I wonder why I was 'chosen' to become the Hulk.
SPIDER-MAN: Maybe it's because you chose not to hurt anyone after you transformed.
HULK: Yeah, maybe; you must be relieved that Doctor Doom is far/away.
SPIDER-MAN: Oh, yes, I am! You sound like you're getting fainter and fainter, Bruce.
HULK: Hold my hand, Spider-Man...and tell Peter I was right.
SPIDER-MAN: I will certainly tell Peter Parker and other responsible journalists about what happened.
HULK: Do I look hideous as 'the Hulk,' Spider-Man?
SPIDER-MAN: I'm sure when we bury you and give you a proper funeral, everyone will remember the man (Bruce).
HULK: I suppose I look like some kind of 'gargantuan.'
SPIDER-MAN: Yes, you look like an overgrown linebacker or something...hey, but you still sound completely normal.
HULK: Thanks.
SPIDER-MAN: Well, I must admit, you're a very interesting case, Bruce...or should I call you 'the Hulk' (hehe)?
HULK: Call me Bruce...but remember me as 'the Hulk,' ok?
SPIDER-MAN: You got it, buddy; the city will remember your plight; maybe they'll discover it was some mentally-warping bizarre case of gangrene.
HULK: Yeah, maybe; though I don't think it was some standard gangrene thing; I think I was 'possessed' by something...maybe a force...or element.
SPIDER-MAN: Rest easy now, Bruce; drift into unconsciousness; I'll whisper a prayer for you, my poor friend!


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