Avengers Spider-woman Origin Series (Spoilers)


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Nov 3, 2004
New Zealand
Has anyone been reading this, i thought it was pretty average up til issue 3
Where Drew stabs the Taskmaster, and then uses her Venom Blasts to eletrocute him, and the surrounding Hydra agents.
Then puts her Hydra Love "Jared" in a plane and crashes it into the Hydra Cell where she was trained.
I thought it was really cool, not a fan of the art tho.
I dislike the art, and the storyline is mediocre.

This is a perfect example of the type of book that I will no longer be buying in issues anymore. I'm tired of paying $18+ for a mediocre miniseries.
Biggest waste of time since Ultimate Iron Man. And why the hell is the High Evolutionary suddenly a GENERAL? He's a mad scientist, not a military man.

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