Spiderman: Electro/Rhino/Goblin [Fan-Fiction]


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Feb 26, 2016
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of my favorite modern-era comic book adapted Hollywood (USA) films, and it features a great cast and cinematography and concept-work, so I thought I'd generate one last comic book fan-fiction before finally signing off the Comic Board with all my fun fan-fiction write-ups which have been greatly rewarding to me. Thanks so much for all your readership and may this first Coronavirus holiday-season find you in comic book spirits! Thanks for reading (and enjoy!),


Peter Parker was a mild-mannered photojournalist working for the Daily Bugle in the USA. He went to do research and photojournalism work at the new city biogenetics military science institution called Oscorp, headed by Norman Osborn and now headed by his eccentric wayward son Harry Osborn, a college buddy of Peter. Peter went to Oscorp with his camera and noted the various strange military entities being designed at Oscorp, for volunteer 'soldiers' to don as super-soldiers for the US army. One such soldier suit was of a giant spider-octopus man-dragon for which various poisonous spiders were being reared to be injected into the blood of the volunteer soldier(s). Peter was accidentally bitten by one of these spiders at Oscorp while photographing them, and he started to notice his biochemistry was changing when he went home. Suddenly, Peter Parker realized he was no longer a mild-mannered photojournalist and began contemplating the impact of his new powers. Would he be a normal man again or was his destiny altered? After all, Peter was proud to be a normal guy!


Peter started realizing he had the uncanny ability to cling to walls and climb up them, like a super man-spider, and cling to the walls with incredible agility and strength. He also realized he could shoot giant cobwebs from the veins in his biochemically altered wrists! Peter decided to tailor himself a 'Spider-Man' vigilante costume and hit the streets of the city as a prowling crusader, making sure that none of the volunteer super-soldiers at Oscorp never went rogue and had to be controlled by another 'super-man' or altered entity. As the web-crawling and shooting Spider-Man, Peter Parker was now America's great and supreme Oscorp monitor. Would America be grateful to this Spider-Man in a costume?


PETER: I have extraordinary powers, Gwen!
GWEN: I miss my old boyfriend, the normal and mild-mannered Peter Parker, Peter.
PETER: I have to watch over Oscorp as Spider-Man, Gwen.
GWEN: You want me to just wait for you with patience and faith?
PETER: You must, Gwen; I love you and you know that; this city needs me.
GWEN: I'll wait for you as long as I can, Peter Parker.


OSCORP: "Our super-soldiers suits are bio-engineered marvels which will benefit the American army in its foreign crusades to secure democracy against super-terrorism."


Oscorp had two eccentric individuals linked to it now. One was a strange employee named Max who was developing for Oscorp a super-soldier suit for a mecha-drone called Electro. As 'Electro' the super-soldier, the volunteer man would be able to shoot high-beam electrical sparks at enemies, frying anything in his path. Max realized quickly that the Electro-suit was a thing of great power and he began playing with it for hours late into the work evenings, and then one evening, he accidentally, fell into the Electro-bath and was instantly converted into an electrified abomination. Max decided to call himself Electro! Max would never again be the eccentric nerdy engineer at Oscorp he'd become for so many years.


Spider-Man had to quickly deal with this super-villain named Electro (Max), because Electro was hiding at the city's power-grid station, using his electrifying beams to high-potency charge to create widespread shock and panic. This would effectively drain all the electrical energy from the city at night. Spider-Man swooped in to the power-grid station and found Electro (Max!) playing with his newfound energized powers. Spider-Man cleverly wrapped up Electro in a thick cobweb net all around his head and face, blinding the unfortunate soul. Spider-Man carried Electro (Max) to Oscorp, but he wouldn't soon forget the night of anarchy and chaos Electro created at the city's power-grid station.


The other eccentric individual connected to Oscorp now was a Russian ex-con named Alexei. This rogue was a pure criminal and road-rager who was secretly taken by Oscorp after being arrested by the city police for trying to steal Oscorp chemicals from their labs. Alexei was to be converted at the Oscorp laboratory into the super-soldier Rhino, a mechanical force of brutish strength and gun-fire. Alexei was no good soul, and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) knew he had to deal with this new human menace. Alexei was himself excited about dancing in darkness. Oscorp was foolish to toy with this Russian criminal.


RHINO: I kill you, I crush, you, Spider-Man!
SPIDER-MAN: You're going into the Oscorp rehab-cage, Alexei.
RHINO: I am not Alexei; I am the Rhino!
SPIDER-MAN; You're nothing more than a mechanical mess, Rhino.
RHINO: I kill you, I crush you, Spider-Man!
SPIDER-MAN: Not if I can wrap you up in spider-webs around your arms and legs.
RHINO: Fight me, insect!
SPIDER-MAN: This ain't your day, Rhino.
RHINO: I am the great Rhino!


Finally, Spider-Man defeated Rhino and delivered him to Oscorp just as he had delivered Electro (Max). However, all was still not paradise. The new CEO of Oscorp, the eccentric and wayward son of Oscorp founder Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, the college buddy of Peter, decided to steal one of the experimental super-soldier suits from the Oscorp lab late at night. Harry decided to transform himself into the New Goblin after ingesting the same mutation serum that had deformed his tragic father, Norman, a failed mad scientist, into the Green Goblin. Now, Harry Osborn wanted revenge against humanity for what had happened to his sad estranged father, Norman. Harry had rebellion on his mind, not Oscorp finance.


Spider-Man found Harry Osborn (New Goblin), his old college buddy, hiding at the city's power-plant with the kidnapped Gwen, Peter Parker's beloved girlfriend. Spider-Man was horrified and demanded to know why his old friend Harry had become the New Goblin and decided to kidnap the helpless Gwen. New Goblin (Harry Osborn) vehemently explained that just as fate had taken his father's soul, he'd take the body of Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen. Spider-Man told Harry (New Goblin) that he loved Gwen dearly and wanted her to be safe and demanded New Goblin release her from his dark grip. New Goblin demanded that to release Gwen, Spider-Man would need to challenge him to a soaring night-fight. As Spider-Man and New Goblin soared around the power-plant with hell on their minds and fighting in their hearts, a weeping Gwen worried for both college friends, wondering when this dark night would finally end!


GWEN: I was nearly killed, Spider-Man!
SPIDER-MAN (Peter Parker): I know, I know, but all is well now, Gwen.
GWEN: Thankfully, New Goblin (Harry Osborn) is now caged at Oscorp.
SPIDER-MAN: As are Electro and Rhino, Gwen!
GWEN: The city will forever be grateful to you.
SPIDER-MAN: I hope you know Peter Parker will always love you.
GWEN: I just want Oscorp to be a tower of design and not one of darkness.


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The Odious Hobgoblin*

Here's an addendum that's not really part of the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but it speaks to a general American fascination with destiny storytelling. Hope you like it,


Haddonfield, a quaint little town was about to get rocked. This was all due to the presence of a modern menace named Hobgoblin. Roderick Kingsley, a well-known smalltown fashion designer living temporarily in Haddonfield simply snapped and became the mutated super-villain known as Hobgoblin, terrorizing the good people with water-guns filled with acid. Haddonfield was no longer an idyllic town of peace in America.


HOBGOBLIN: I've left doodles of my caricature all over town to remind people that darkness is coming.


A comic book writer named Casey Jones decided to retaliate on behalf of the people of Haddonfield, gaining inspiration from the work of the well-known Spider-Man, contending with Rhino and Electro in major cities in America. Casey Jones decided to use art and vigilantism to deal with this terrorist named Hobgoblin. Casey Jones suspected Hogboblin was once a normal civil servant or merchant of some kind and decided to create some Haddonfield comic strips featuring the image of the Hobgoblin as nothing more than an American warlock.


CASEY JONES: To fight this Hobgoblin, I have to transform myself into a Haddonfield hellraiser.


As Casey Jones prowled the streets of Haddonfield late at night with an electrified bat and various masks and costumes, people started to think that the helpless cops now had a strange but valiant ally on their side. Comic strips began popping up in Haddonfield, featuring the crazy Casey Jones as an alternative kind of smalltown masked super-hero.


CASEY JONES: You send fear with your acid-guns but are ignorant of human imagination!
HOBGOBLIN: Chemical warfare is the wave of the future, Casey Jones.
CASEY JONES: That will never be true, because the people of Haddonfield care about the magic of toys.


Would tourism in historic Haddonfield now be devastated because of the terrorism created by the antisocial Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley)?


CASEY JONES: I'll put up patriotic images of athletes and baseball cards all over town to encourage good cheer!


HOBGOBLIN: To destroy this Casey Jones optimism, I'll wreak havoc on a major airport near Haddonfield.


This is a story of a smalltown stand against a modern maniac. Will Casey Jones rally the people and the strength needed like Spider-Man to deflate the deformity of the new terrorist Hobgoblin? What do you think?


"Money is everything (Ecclesiastes)

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