Spiderman no longer in the MCU due to Sony/Marvel decision

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Looks like Marvel didn't like Sony's new terms for keeping the web slinger in the MCU. They just lost access to about 900 characters.

Hopefully they will find an arrangement to work together soon...as I like to see more Spider Man with the current Spiderman.

Any thoughts?


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I'm ambivalent. Outside of his appearance in Civil War, I haven't been a fan of the way Spider-Man has been portrayed in the MCU, so I'm curious to see what Sony's take on this iteration of the character would be like without all of the MCU stuff.
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Hopefully they'll continue with their plans for 2 more Holland sequels in development. I want them to continue MCU Spidey without all the MCU influence making him Iron Man 2.0. I'd be fine with a Venom crossover.

I'd also like Spider-Man 4.
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