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I just read the news on newsarama about how udon comics is bringing back the street fighter comics. It said that UDON would continue the main storyline (The street figher tournment) through street fighter II turbo which will be a 12 issue maxi series. but then they said that they would do a street fighter III new generation which introduces the new street fighter III characters but also shows what the classic characters are doing in the SFIII era. I originally thought that after UDON was done with the Street figher II portion of their MAIN storyline that they would continue that with street fighter III. They are continuing the main storyline with street fighter II turbo. I want to know if the main storyline is continued in street fighter III new generation or if this is like a "what if" type of thing (becasuse as of right now this SFIII new generation is only running for six issues) I think that it might be a continuation but if it isn't, how would they continue the main storyline after Street fighter II turbo is over? Woulden't they then reaname it street fighter III? What do you think because it's confusing me?
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Street Fighter II Turbo wraps up the Street Fighter II story. Like how Ryu fights Bison, Akuma kills Bison and Ryu and Akuma fight.

Street Fighter III will jump to the Street Fighter III storyline, which is several years later. I'm sure, eventually, we'll also see a Street Fighter IV storyline, which will bridge the gap between II Turbo and III.
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Waaait. Was there more to SFII past issue 6?

I thought Image was bad with the delays, but Udon was worse. I hope they have all of the issues completed before release.

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