Street Fighter: II....part II (It returns!)


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Jul 24, 2004
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CBR reports:

HADOUKEN: Street Fighter II Returns to Comics

Following the recent release of the deluxe "Street Fighter Tribute" art book and leading up to next year's debut early of the "Street Fighter IV" game, UDON Entertainment attacks comic shops this fall with several new series based on the popular CAPCOM video game characters. Shipping this month, "Street Fighter Remix" #0 previews "Street Fighter II Turbo," which is planned as a twelve-issue series but could continue beyond that; as well as "Street Fighter III" and "Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li." "Turbo," written by regular "Street Fighter" scribe Ken Siu-Chong and illustrated by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, will also feature back-up stories introducing the new "Street Fighter IV" characters starting with issue #2. These issues will also be available with variant covers by the art team of Joe Ng and digital painter Adam Vehige. CBR News caught up with the "Turbo" team of Siu-Chong and Cruz to discuss the series and the wider Street Fighter universe.

Previous stories in the "Street Fighter II" mythology have expanded on the stories of characters like the dedicated fighter Ryu, his more easy-going American counterpart Ken, and the crime lord M. Bison, but "Turbo" will be the first series to focus on the Street Fighter tournament itself. While the "Turbo" prelude in "Street Fighter Remix" #0 offers an introduction through Chinese martial artist Chun Li's perspective, writer Ken Siu-Chong said the main series would feature an ensemble cast.

This fall! YES! And a new #0 is out this month with a preview for the series.

Man, Doom would be happy... :(
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