Stryfe in X-Force (SPOILERS).


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Jul 24, 2004
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Does anyone else gets this mini? At the end of issue #4 (of 6) has Stryfe returning. But I remember reading in Jean's bio in "Book of the Dead" handbook that Stryfe was dead.

So then is this yet another Stryfe from another dimension? Specs?
Plus Ice, you of all people should know he's already come back at least once in The End. He's become on of those return from the dead so often its not funny characters. There have been about heaps but i believe he is technically dead in the 616 present.

I picked up the first two issues but i think my comic shop stopped getting it (i doubt it sold out, it wasn't that good) and i haven't bothered to chase it up so i'm behind. But i'm not sure how Stryfe could return but it is a Cable-starring book and Styfe has always been one of Cable's two main enemies. So it doesn't really really surprise me and I'd prefer the return of Stryfe in X-force rather than Apocalypse coming back in a minor and pretty average title
Yeah, it isn't too much of a big thing with Stryfe back... Even if he was dead, do you really think that matters? Colossus and Jean were dead... I'm only counting the days until Psylocke wakes up.
Man, I forgot this thread was here. It's what happens when you don't check the other pages for threads.

Anyway, with issue #5 out (came out 2 weeks ago), it turns out that it isn't really Stryfe. Just a future Domino with a short pony tail, disguised in Stryfe armor. She came back to warn Cable about the Skorn, a villain that eats mutants.

Has anyone heard of the Skorn before?
icemastertron said:
Has anyone heard of the Skorn before?

Xorn was my favorite X-Man.

Oh, whoops. Thought you said something else.

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