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Jul 29, 2005
I've realized one of the reasons that i love DC comics. It's the logos. Each DC characters has a highly recognizable logo. Something that if seen anywhere is instantly recognizable by even the general public. Take the superman s, it's an S in a diamond shape, you draw that and anyone goes AHA! IT'S SUPERMAN! or even the Flash and Green Lantern. DC has the classic superhero and recognizable logo down pat. Any thoughts on Logos?

Which Hero's logo do you like the most?
What's the best variant?
what are your thoughts?

i am in love with the Green Lantern Logo. The superman S from Kingdom come is a great variant. And also in a self plug, the Green Lantern Omega Squad logo which is my avatar is also a sweet variant i designed
Guijllons said:
The Hulk needs a logo.

Hulk Smash, indeed.
I like most DC character's ones. I had a good site where someone designed heaps of them.
Too bad most of the characters aren't as interesting as their logos.
Wow,this one of the moments when I take a break and say "yeah, that's something I once cared about".
I loved logos and costumes und that stuff when I was a teenager. I think I should remember how that felt sometimes, before complaining about the excessive use thereof in a comic I read now.
But then again, I enjoy plain street clothes, stylish trenchcoats or proper uniforms a lot more today. It's funny really, if I had to reinvent super-heroes, I'd let go of costumes and code-names all together. But if someone had shown me the stuff I want to read now 10 years ago, I would have complained about it.
[/walk down memory lane]
But yeah, I'd certainly like to see more superhumans without code-names or costumes. How about some villains for Ultimate Spidey that run around in street clothes, call each other "Charly" and "Andrew" and you won't know they have super-powers until they start to use them.

Just a minor thought, that's what I love so much about Millar's baddies: Look at the terrorists in the beginning of UltFF 21. I find them a lot more believable then say the Nurhachi-guy from Ultimate Spidey.
Ricky said:
the Nurhachi-guy from Ultimate Spidey.

"Nurhachi will be given freedom or all those who hear my voice will taste death"

He was my most loyal servent. *Sigh*
Nurhachi said:
"Nurhachi will be given freedom or all those who hear my voice will taste death"

He was my most loyal servent. *Sigh*

I hope not your most competent servent, too...

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