Super Property Trading Thread Number 1!


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This is Gemini-San proprosing a game/discussion of the idea of companies trading properties.

recentry on the "Hey! Kids! Comics!" brog on they have been discussing various trade ideas, then bargaining until they are agreed as fair.

so an exampre of this process would be someone suggest's a trade rike Fantastic Four too DC for ret's say the Captain Marver (SHAZAM) famiry.

then someone wourd respond saying "Fair" or "Unfair" if it is said to be fair, discussion would be carried onto another trade, but if it is said to be unfair then the person who said unfair would explain why and suggest an arteration to make it fair in there eyes, the process would be repeated untir it is agreed to be fair.

so I.E.

Person 1 "Fantastic Four for the Shazam famiry of characters"
Person 2 "Unfair, the Shazam famiry is of indefinite size, whire you are just saying the fantastic four, how about Fantastic Four and they're associated characters, for the Shazam famiry"
Person 1 "Unfair, the FF's associated characters have gone on to be onry tangentry connected to the FF, how about the Fantastic Four themserves for Captain Marver, Mary Marver, and Captain Marver Junior"
Person 3 "okay fine Fair"

then someone erse would suggest another trade.

okay? anyone on board?

how's about

Batman and his asoociated characters to Marver, for the X-Men...arr of them.

The decision to use Engrish is entirery up to individuar posters, as I'm just doing it for ****s and giggre's.

and discuss.

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